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Indigo Prophecy

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Indigo Prophecy


I personally am a fan of the whole adventure genre, as this was one of the original genres of video games. To this day I feel like we’re missing these type of games more so that other genres in the market. When I look at how consoles have almost completely gone away from the adventure genre I find it sad, but I guess times change and so do peoples’ taste. But sometimes it’s good to go back to your roots, and the game Indigo Prophecy (known as Fahrenheit in PAL territories) brings back the adventure genre to the consoles. So does this game confirm why there really aren’t many adventure games left, or could this possibly be the start of a revival? Read our full review to find out!


A key to success for any adventure game is the storyline, as they have to be interesting in order for you to really want to take part in the adventure. I mean, why waste your time trying to find clues and solve mysteries when you really don’t care about what is going on? So, to drive home the point, the story of Indigo Prophecy had to be good and let’s just say the developers came through big time in this aspect. In the game, you play as Lucas Kane, your pretty typical character that all of a sudden slashes two snakes like figures into a guy in the restroom at a diner. What is weird about this is he has no idea why he did it. With that being said, there are now two cops after you, who are Carla Valenti and Tyler Miles. And throughout the game you play as all three of these characters, seeing the situation from each other’s perspective, not unlike the underrated Suikoden III for the PS2.

For those who may be expecting to be heavily involved in this great story, guess again. For most of the game, you are going to be sitting back and taking in this game’s fantastic storyline, which quite frankly is one of the best I have seen in a video game. Your roll in the game is to make decisions, and some of the key decisions come when you play as the main character Luke, who is trying to cover up his actions. So what is neat about this is that although a lot of the story is already decided for you, there are different plot turns that you control and from there you make your own type of experience.

A lot of you are probably wondering if you do actually get to play in this game. Well, for the most part I would actually say that you don’t, because you will be finding yourself most likely engrossed into the storyline. When you are playing you won’t find yourself using anything but the analog sticks, which are used when you walk around and interact with people and the environments. The actual game mechanics in Indigo Prophecy are actually extremely simple and really don’t require all that much skill in gaming. I honestly could say that someone who has never played a video game could easily play the majority of this game, as it really doesn’t ever try to give you anything hard to deal with.

To be honest with you all, Indigo Prophecy lives and dies with its story and it is here that I think the developers did an amazing job with this title. The voice acting, which I very rarely touch on in my reviews, was absolutely fantastic and by far the best I have encountered this year. Some might be turned off by the fact that the game doesn’t have the kind of challenge or action as some adventure games out there. But I say with the story as engrossing and as imaginative as this one is, I think most people are just going to enjoy the ride, and being able to be apart of some of it is just an added bonus. Sure I would have liked to have some more playing time, but in the end I enjoyed this game for what it did, and that was create an experience that really isn’t like any other on the consoles today.


The part of Indigo Prophecy that let me down was the visual presentation of the game, which I thought could have been improved a bit more then what we saw in this game. First and foremost the character models in the game really needed some more detail, and some more "character" to really become a great looking game. The environments in the game also aren’t much of a standout point either, as they just feel sort of dull or feel like they really need something more to get them moving. Overall the presentation in Indigo Prophecy is easily considered average, with just nothing overly impressive.

Fun Factor

Indigo Prophecy is a game that may not be a typical gaming experience like we all have got used to over the years. However when you look at Indigo Prophecy, it does something different and that is create an amazing story that really grabs your attention in the beginning and never gets it going. The game may not be what most people expect, but if you give the story a chance and don’t mind that you aren’t as involved as in other games, then you could see why the adventure genre was so popular in the past. Indigo Prophecy is a fun game that can really make for a great experience, if you’re willing to spend some time with it.


Some may be surprised, but I truly believe that Indigo Prophecy has the best storyline this year, hands down, as well as the best voice acting as well. The game may not have the story of an Academy Award winner, but I do hope the game sparks the interest in developers to want to create a game in similar fashion to this where you can get involved in a story that just draws you in and never lets you go. If you are in the mood for a game that is different from the rest of the pack, then Indigo Prophecy would be a great choice.

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