IndyCar Series 2005


If the Xbox has had one genre that has proved to be the most successful it would have to be the racing genre. With the critically-acclaimed Project Gotham Racing 2 and Rallisport Challenge 2, you have some of the best racing titles of all time with these guys. It’s a wonder why so many developers are creating racing titles. The most recent would be Codemasters very own budget racer IndyCar Series 2005. Is it worth the small price tag? Read on and find out!


Personally I have never been a huge fan of budget titles. The saying "you get what you pay for" usually comes to mind after playing every budget title. With less money going into the production of the game you can only expect the outcome of the game will fall on the same line. So many budget titles have had great promise and even some solid elements, but I have yet to find a true budget title that can actually come close to standing on it’s own against the normally-priced games on the market.

For those of you casual racing fans out there who like the three lap races don’t expect to see the same sort of thing in IndyCar Series 2005. You have races that range from twenty to fifty laps. Yes you read that correctly. You will be running races that can take you a good thirty minutes to an hour to complete. So let me say this if you are planning to truly dive into this game, be prepared to spend quite a lot of time with it.

The one mode that I really found quite accommodating was the Masterclass feature, which serves as a tutorial mode. In this mode they really teach you the importance of all the skills you must learn to be successful in this game. Most of us will pick up IndyCar Series 2005 and try to race it like any other racing game out there, and that just won’t cut it. In the Masterclass mode you will be given plenty of tips and the ability to practice many strategies so when you go out with the big boys you won’t be crashing into all the walls.

One of the strongest features of IndyCar Series 2005 would have to be the Xbox Live support. A budget title with Xbox Live support? Yes, that is correct, and a darn good one too. The Online Mode include: Quick Match, Create a Session, and Optimatch. With just the basic modes the games make up for it with its smooth gameplay and minimal lag.

The gameplay of IndyCar Series 2005 is really solid, especially for the price tag. On the harder difficulty levels you are going to have your work cut out for you. I would highly recommend starting on the Easy difficulty setting and then working your way up, and as you get better you can increase the difficulty level.

Overall I was quite impressed with the amount of features and solid gameplay that came along with IndyCar Series 2005. For such a low price you are really getting a lot of bang for your buck.


Codemasters has been out some pretty great looking race titles over the years, all of which have had some of the best looking vehicles and environments ever to hit the Xbox. Unfortunately this is not the case with IndyCar Series 2005.

IndyCar Series 2005 is not a bad looking game per se, but you can see that this isn’t where all of the focus on the game was placed. The game’s car models are not so much bland but they just don’t have all the detail that we have become accustomed to over the years. You can see that they have some detail just nothing all that exciting.

The courses on the other hand are where most of the detail in the game takes place. Although the tracks aren’t anything to write home about, you are given a pretty good depiction of Indy tracks.

Overall the graphics of IndyCar Series 2005 are pretty average, and along the lines of the price of the game. The graphics are good, just nothing you are going to write home about.

Fun Factor

IndyCar Series 2005 is a simulation through and through. This is not a game you can just pick up and be good at, it’s one of those games that you work at and become progressively better over time. If this isn’t your idea of fun then you won’t enjoy IndyCar Series 2005. As for those of you simulation buffs out there, this game was intended for you, and you’re are going to have a blast perfecting the art of IndyCar racing.


IndyCar Racing 2005 is one of the best budget titles I have played in quite sometime. The game offers plenty of game modes, including Live support, solid simulation style gameplay, and average graphics, you have an impressive game when it comes to IndyCar Series 2005 one that is definitely worth every dollar.

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