inFamous: Festival of Blood


With Halloween here it’s the perfect time of year to jump into some horror games and scare the pants out of yourself. Sucker Punch decided to go in a different direction and release a directly Halloween themed downloadable Infamous game. While not DLC, Festival of Blood is a completely stand alone game to go along with Infamous 2. The story starts out with Zeke in a bar telling a tale of horror to a girl about how the famous Cole MacGrath was turned into a vampire. The story involves Cole discovering a coffin and releasing the vampire Bloody Mary onto New Marais, but not before she bites Cole and turns him into one of the undead. Now Cole has one night to defeat Bloody Mary or he will become her slave forever when the sun rises.

This game is very well themed with the town celebrating an event called Pyre Night so the town is filled with fireworks and haunting looking balloons. There are also many Halloween themed decorations all around the map. The game sets the tone very well and you feel the dark spirit it is trying to give off. With this downloadable you get everything from an Infamous game that you would want. The game is limited to just the main part of the city however but you never feel too confined. Just like any other Infamous game there are random enemies around except now they are vampires instead of soldiers. And like any other vampire Cole needs the blood of the living so at any time you can feed on any random civilian. This was a well made Infamous game and perfect for the Halloween season.


The game plays just like any other Infamous game with a few more mechanical additions. Cole now being a vampire needs to feed on the living to fill his blood meter. At any time you can run up to a civilian and with the click of a button drain them dry and leave them for dead. There are no worries about a morality meter because you only have evil karma through the entire game. Unlike Infamous 2 you don’t have a large list of powers. You have all of the ones you need but unlock the more powerful versions as you complete more missions in the game. There is also a vampire vision mode that helps you locate enemies and find vampires in disguise. The most noteworthy addition is the ability to turn into a flock of bats and fly for a limited time.


The combat remains pretty much the same. You have your electric powers and melee attacks although now you melee with a giant wooden panel with a cross on it. After you defeat an enemy you have to stake them on the ground or after a short time they will get back up. The UGC returns in this downloadable, which was surprising to me, so now you can create missions using the vampire content. They have also added a cutscene creator so you can add more in depth story to the missions. Festival of Blood is still an Infamous game at heart so any fan of the series won’t be disappointed.


Festival of Blood may be downloadable but it still carries all of the flair that Infamous 2 has. The game looks great and is very atmospheric. The entire game takes place at night but that doesn’t mean you won’t get to see a lot of color. There are still the neon lights of the city and since people are in celebration they are launching fireworks all over the place. The environment they have created sets a dark tone for this content and really makes you feel the horror nature of the game. At all times there is a giant moon and dark clouds in the sky, and the lighting for the game ties in great. Overall the game is still Infamous 2 with a dark and spooky overhaul.


Fun Factor

Playing Festival of Blood made me wonder why someone doesn’t just make an open world vampire game. This content is the most fun I have had sucking blood from innocent people. If you enjoyed Infamous 2 there is now reason why you wouldn’t enjoy the hell out of Festival of Blood. This game is out there to remind you that vampires can still be cool. The game can get rather difficult sometimes as the enemies have the ability to teleport all over as you fight them but that doesn’t hind the experience in any way. If you’re looking for a great way to spend your Halloween gaming then Festival of Blood is a must have.



Infamous 2 builds on the idea Dead Rising started and released a great downloadable game that was a toned down version of the main game but still has a lot of great content. Never before has it been so much fun to be a vampire and on top of that, a vampire with electric powers. This game really gets you in the mood for Halloween but it can still be as much fun any time of the year. With Festival of Blood being so great I can only hope we can see more interesting vampire titles in the future.