Injustice 2 (PC) Review

True confession: I'm not a big fan of superheroes and I'm not that great at fighting games. Now, before you smash my glasses and toss me out of the nerd clubhouse (where I live most of the time), let me add that in certain circumstances, neither of those heretical statements is true. For example, when playing Injustice 2, I can't think of anything cooler than being a superhero and thanks to the game's wide range of settings, I can feel like a relatively badass fighting game master.


Way back, I reviewed Injustice 2 for the PS4, so I was more than happy to playthrough the singleplayer campaign on the newly released PC port. Time has done nothing to diminish my enjoyment of the game's simple but engaging story, well-defined characters, and absolutely top-notch animation, voice acting, graphics, and gameplay. The goofy grin I had playing through it came right back.

The bar-setting campaign -- for a fighting game, at least -- brings the shattered and dysfunctional Justice League back together to form an uneasy alliance in order to defeat Brainiac's plan to conquer and/or destroy the planet. Of course, the real purpose of the singleplayer campaign is to introduce the dozens of superheroes, all playable competitively in multiplayer or in the game's Multiverse collection of ever-changing challenges. While each player will have his or her preferences based on fighting style, lore, and personality, every character is viable and fun to play. And thanks to the game's flexible move sets, just about everyone can have a great time. From chaotic button mashers to super-precise combo wizards, Injustice 2 offers the opportunity to duke it out with the deep roster of both familiar and relatively obscure DC heroes.


Injustice 2 has a loot box system, in which players earn (or purchase) bronze, silver, gold or platinum boxes filled with different levels of both cosmetic and character-specific, stat-enhancing gear. However, playing matches in the Multiverse and online earn pretty generous credits and loot boxes as well and I personally never felt the need to buy anything. Then again, I am not a serious competitor. All of the consoles' DLC is available for the PC as well, both as part of complete Ultimate Edition and as individual packs. Combine the dozens of characters and hundreds of costume pieces, gear items, and skins with the daily Multiverse challenges and online matches, and this is a game with serious legs. 


Injustice 2 looked and sounded fantastic on the console, and it's no surprise that the game generally runs and looks even better on the PC. That said, I experienced a few perplexing crashes and there are some consistent framerate hiccups in the cut scenes and super moves. It is disappointing that a port of a game so generally excellent launched with some rough technical edges.


Much better than the first InjusticeInjustice 2 is both a top-tier fighting game and a real treat for fans of the DC universe, equally featuring iconic heroes and quirky second-stringers just as lovingly presented. As a brawler, the game is fun for players at any skill level. Between the campaign, Multiverse, and Multiplayer components, Injustice 2 serves up a lot of content. There are some technical hitches in the PC port that need to be addressed, but they barely diminish the overall fantastic experience.