Karaoke Revolution Party


There are games out on the market that just kind of stashed into the backs of store shelves, and then there are others which for whatever reason catch the consumer’s eye and become huge by word of mouth. This is certainly true for Karaoke Revolution, a game that kind of came out of nowhere, and took off into an extremely popular game. Today we are going to talk about Karaoke Revolution Party for the Nintendo Gamecube, which tries to successful bring this singing sensation to Nintendo’s console. How is the transition? Read our full review to find out!


When I looked at Karaoke Revolution, I have to say I was a bit nervous. My vocal cords may be suited to conducting a radio show, but never have they been very swell at Karaoke. Well I got through my experience in Karaoke Revolution actually enjoying the game quite a bit, and finding it to be one of the more enjoyable music/party games around. Sure I wasn’t a huge fan of singing in front of other people but when it was just me, I had a blast with the game. Well now it is time to check out Karaoke Revolution Party, which tries to make a splash on the Gamecube with a more "party" style approach.

So how does the game work you might ask? Well basically the main structure of the game is to make sure that your pitch is accurate. Sounds easy right? Well if you’re musically impaired like me, this can be an extremely daunting task that I have to say, I struggled with. The game basically introduces you to this idea right away, and for the most part it is easy to see the style and format that the game is looking for rather early on. So to say the least this is a game that anyone would easily be able to pick up and play.

One of the big additions to this Party addition is the ability to sing and dance at the same time in a mode that is created exactly for that. You see if you plug in a standard DDR mat into your Gamecube, the game will then allow you to dance and sing at the same time. So you can learn how to dance and sing like a real popstar right? Well not quite, as this mode actually struggles for the most part as trying to do both singing and dancing with this game is extremely difficult. Sorry they don’t allow lip syncing. There are some songs in the game that work well with this idea, but for the most part it is in my opinion to much to handle, even for the most dedicated DDR fans.

The game itself outside the sing and dance mode is really great, with a good mix of songs from all sorts of different genres. I have to say that I personally was impressed with the lineup of songs and found myself enjoying them all. The game still plays just as smooth as the previous games, giving you a pretty accurate interpretation of your singing skills, which meant I was failing quite often.

There are some new ideas also thrown in the mix in terms up multiplayer and things of that nature, but in the end the gameplay is just the same solid experience that we have seen in previous game. I have to say that I was extremely impressed with how well the game played outside of the sing and dance mode. The headset that was bundled with the game works well, and isn’t all that incredibly problematic. In the end it is great to see Karaoke Revolution make its way onto the Gamecube, and it seems as though they did a nice job with their first outing.


Of course music games have never been noted for their presentation, and Karaoke Revolution Party continues this trend. Sure you get to pick your own avatar and there are a lot of funky colors flying around the environment, but at the same token there isn’t anything new to the system either. The visuals are good and I have to say that although they are nothing special they do get the job done. For those expecting something revolutionary out of Karaoke Revolution Party’s visuals aren’t going to find it here.

Fun Factor

Ok I don’t like singing in front of other people, but I have to say that when I got into this game the actual effect it has when a group of friends are around is actually quite a swell one. I mean the game does a fantastic job of creating duets if you have multiple microphones, or just having a fun time laughing at other people singing. Karaoke Revolution Party is just a fun game, I would have liked it had the game tried to be a bit more bold with some new ideas, but it seems like the developers went with what worked and this ended up making for a good game.


Karaoke Revolution Party is a solid Gamecube title, and one that I would have to say should be on a lot of peoples’ list this holiday season. If you like singing and you want to see how you can score in a game, then check this game out. It has a lot of fun songs to sing along to, and the game outside of the sing and dance mode works extremely well. This is one of the better third party games to be released this year for Nintendo’s Gamecube, and this is exactly what Nintendo need more of if they want to continue to compete in the future.

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