Kengo: Master of Bushido


Okay the one aspect that could save the game actually dug it another 6 feet under. The game began with the three modes to choose from. There’s the Single Player Mode, which lets you choose one of a few wannabes who you must turn into a great swordsman by going from dojo to dojo training with great swordsman. This is by far the most bored I have ever been playing a game. The second mode is called Tournament Mode, which let you pick one of 20 samurai and go at it till you die of boredom. It’s basically survivor mode from most fighters and third is Versus Mode, which is pretty self explanatory. As mentioned earlier, the game suffers from extreme slowdown, which really lags the game and makes it almost impossible to enjoy at all. Plus the controls are the most unresponsive since the NES. All in all, the gameplay isn’t the worst ever but it the most flawed ever.


Maybe games like The Bouncer and Z.O.E. have spoiled me, but I still know a half @$$ed attempt at graphics when I see one. I mean, why was this game released when it clearly needed a lot more polishing in every area? There’s a constant supply of jaggies and hard edges, constant slow down and just a really bland selection of colors. I mean so bland that I got a little depressed from staring at them. And if you think this is just a rant or that I’m being too hard on Kengo, well play the game for yourself. But remember...I warned you...

Fun Factor

If you were expecting to hear something good here, then you haven’t been reading the rest of the review.


Overall, I hate this game. Not because it’s bad, but because it’s half hearted. You should buy this game if you are having problems sleeping. You should not buy this game if you enjoy quality and fun.

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