I think games story line was not so bad even know it was based in the 1600’s but I think it has all the right stuff for the story as plot and good characters and evil rulers but all in all this game is pretty good.


The game play is horrible! They should have made a game that would have lasted me longer than one day. I mean, come on. I beat the game with the East and West in a matter of hours. I think they should have put more into the length of the game rather than the look of the game!!!!


This game has very good graphics and even know i think they could have put more into the amrys look and feel rather than just give you an FMV when ever you attacked or issued a command than they would have been a whole lot better.

Fun Factor

Over all the fun factor of the game is fairly good It would have been a lot better If their would have been a multi player mode.


Overall the game needs a little work, like multi player mode and a longer story which would have made this game a masterpiece. That is the end of that. If they ever come out with a sequel than they need to take my plan into consideration.

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