The zombie apocalypse setting is one that is used, perhaps overused, a lot in gaming today. Unlike most games, developer Beatshapers decided to change things up a bit with #killallzombies. What caught my attention was not its social media inspired name, but that the game tries to be reality television show.

You are put in an arena and forced to survive for as long as possible using perks and weapons. Anybody familiar with titles like Dead Nation or Narco Terror will surely recognize the control scheme here. #killallzombies is a twin stick shooter, so you move with the left stick and shoot with the right. The controls are simple and intuitive, a great thing because with the hundreds of undead craving to eat your flesh the last thing I want to do is fight with clunky controls.

The longer you survive the more weapons will unlock. The game is broken into waves that get progressively difficult as they go on. More importantly, however is the perk system. Every zombie disposed of nets experience points that levels you up and opens up one of four perks. These perks allows you to do some pretty crazy things. One perk nuked the entire map and completely obliterated all zombies in the area with only pools of blood left in its wake. Another allowed me to clone myself and lure zombies in for some easy kills. There are also some perks that require you to make sacrifices for higher leaderboard scores.

Easily the most unique aspect of #killallzombies is its steaming capabilities. If you stream on Twitch or Ustream, your viewers can affect the game in negative or positive ways. Viewers can throw different obstacles at you that can make the waves even harder or try to help you out by giving you access to different weapons and perks.

This can be really great feature if you are a streaming celebrity who has dozens or hundreds of viewers but for normal guys like me, I really didn't find much use for it. Visually, #killallzombies is a pretty impressive looking game. The physics and the sheer amount of zombies on screen were great and not once did I run into any framerate issues.

The gameplay of #killallzombies is overall pretty solid and I had a lot of fun playing it but that fun only lasted for about a hour or so because of the lack of content. Currently the game's only mode is "Survival." To make matters worse, there is only one map available. The first arena you play in is the only arena you play in. After a while, this grew tedious and I really wanted to try new things.

The other two game modes "Defend the Flag" and "Co-Op Ladder" have been promised by Beatshapers to be playable soon but at the time of this review they still remain unavailable. Having only one mode playable on one map made the game feel more like a demo instead of a full game.

Simply put, #killallzombies feels like half of a game. The gameplay feels great and fluid but unfortunately the game never meets its potential. The unique streaming options, interesting perk system, and fun combat doesn't do enough for a unfinished product that has more locked game modes than game modes available for play.

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