The one genre that the PS2 has never really had a solid title to compete with the Xbox is in the First Person Shooter genre, which has remained in Microsoft’s corner since the release of Halo. Well now Sony has teamed up with developer Guerilla Games to provide us with their "Halo Killer"! Big words for any company to attempt to live up to; so does this one out do the ever popular Halo, or is this another failed attempt to joust the best First Person Shooter to hit the next generation consoles? Read our full review to find out!


To be even in the same class has Microsoft’s Halo, you would have to create a game that really encompassed both a strong single and multiplayer mode that would encompass large environments. Can SCEA pull of the inevitable and create an amazing first person shooter? Not quite.

The story behind Killzone is one of the game’s strongest points, which has a good plotline followed by plenty of action. The game takes place in the distant future where we have begun to colonize other planets, and you’re part of a militant group who branches off to the planet of Helghan, where the atmosphere has a different type of effect on the inhabitants. After a few wars, the Helgahst are ready to go after the nearby world of Vekta and it is your job to stop their attack. Like I mentioned before, the game really does have an interesting storyline that may be its strongest point.

The game includes a decently lengthy single player mode that spans over eleven different missions, each of which encompass plenty of different parts. The game’s single player mode really is one that has the potential given the solid storyline it is driven on, but unfortunately the game suffers right from the get go. The majority of the missions have you trying to get from one spot to the next, taking out as many enemies as you can along the way. This isn’t all you do in the game but the majority of the missions in the game require you to do the same sort of meaningless task. This isn’t to say though that the game is all dull, as there are many situations which offer heavy firefights, between you and the enemies. The game does offer some more interesting objectives in all but they do seem a little too few and far between.

The single player mode in Killzone has the potential to really compete with the best of them, but the combat in the game ends up being pretty mediocre. This is a game that seems to remain on the line of mediocrity with the gameplay really being quite average. This is a game that doesn’t try to do a whole lot but instead just plays identically to most other first person shooters out on the market today. It is quite sad in my point of view that the developers didn’t do more with the potential in the game.

The main attraction of Killzone probably wasn’t all in the single player mode anyways as the main attraction of Halo was also in the multiplayer portions of the game. Well the supposed main attraction of Killzone is in the multiplayer as well which includes full online support. The multiplayer modes include Deathmatch, Domination, Assault, and Supply Drop. This should show anyone who enjoys FPS that Killzone wasn’t taking their multiplayer support lightly. From my experiences in the game, I have noticed that lag is not normally in an issue in the game, which is a definite plus.

Now with all of this being said what really holds Killzone from being a great game is the lackluster performance in the actual gameplay, which makes for an average experience. You can see the game had some real interesting ideas but the game really doesn’t make much with any of the ideas, which leaves Killzone as a very average game.


For those of you who have not noticed, the PlayStation 2 is really starting to get in its later years of life, which means the graphics are really going to have to be special to stand out after all of this time. So did SCEA bring out a visually stunning title, or is this one that goes down the tube?

The visuals are really a mixed bag of good and bad. The game has some very stunning looking environments, which really do a great job of making you feel like you’re inhabiting other worlds. The game also hosts some really solid character models, which have some very smooth facial features, giving everyone a unique look and feel. Unfortunately not everything is perfect in the world of Killzone, as the animation in the game does suffer from some bad slowdown. The game has a lot of problems keeping up as you can see some frame rate issues from start to finish.

Overall Killzone is a game that looks great when standing still but when the game starts getting going at full blast it really doesn’t hold up as nicely as it could. Overall the game ends up being pretty average.

Fun Factor

The one thing about Killzone is that it really isn’t all that much different from all of the other FPS out on the market already. The single player mode like mentioned above has a solid storyline but doesn’t have anything else to back it up with. The multiplayer support is a lot of fun, but unfortunately the game mechanics aren’t all that impressive, or different from any other game on the market already. Which leaves us with a pretty standard FPS, which equals a pretty standard fun factor.


Killzone was supposed to be SCEA’s "Halo Killer" but never got anywhere near where it was intended to. The multiplayer is solid but the offline play just doesn’t carry its fair end of the deal. Unless you’re a PS2 owner dying for a new FPS experience, this one will do just fine as a rental.

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