Knights of Pen & Paper 2: Deluxiest Edition Review

Similar to its predecessor, Knights of Pen & Paper 2 is back again as a 16-bit, retro-style and wacky turn-based RPG about a group of tabletop RPG players. In fact, it’s almost identical to its predecessor to a fault, except for the obvious 16-bit visuals as opposed to the original’s 8-bit style. Everything you experienced in the original game, from the awkward meta jokes and the cultural references to meaningless fetch quests and grinding, are all back in Knights of Pen & Paper 2.

The premise is very simple. You are a group of misfit adventurers set on a quest by the Game Master to stop his friend who made an overpowered “Second Edition” character, causing mayhem in the land of Paperos. To begin this not-so epic adventure of jokes and grinds, you are asked to create some player characters. You’re allowed to create two characters at the start, but can expand your party size later. Identical to the original game, the character creation screen is very innovative. Not only can you pick races and classes like in proper pen & paper RPGs, you can also select player types, each with their own perks.

For example, you can be a goth girl who fancies playing as an elven mage. She has a perk that allows you to revive her for free if she ever falls in battle. Pairing her with a glass cannon elven race and a mage class will save you a lot of gold coins. Ideally, setting a jock to be a tank class, like paladin or warrior, benefits a lot from the ability of big hands which enables you to equip both two-handed weapons and a shield. Mixing and matching such options to get the best out of your characters is a pretty fun endeavor.

If you ended up making a weak character by picking the wrong choices, worry not! The battle system is rather simplistic. The game never demands a high level of strategy in battles. There is nothing you cannot solve by grinding for levels and face-rolling away. Granted, the beginning section of the game can be pretty tough, as you are only allowed to have two characters. However, once you can create additional characters and start crafting, the difficulty is reduced to a shadow of its former self.

You can enhance the game by buying additional in-game rule books and add-ons by spending in-game currency. You can purchase new items, players, classes and even entire quest lines. You can also unlock several classes from completing side-quests. The replay value is great because once you’ve unlocked new content, they will be unlocked for all the game sessions and not just the one you are currently playing.

Overall, Knights of Pen & Paper 2 is a light-hearted turn-based RPG with some novel concepts attached to it. Still, the magic wears thin pretty fast as there is not much strategy and variation involved in the combat, while side quests are mostly glorified fetch jobs. Nevertheless, the game is still a fun experience in itself and worth checking out if you love tabletop RPGs and haven’t played the first game.

Lv-99 simple sheep