La Pucelle: Tactics


Here in America we start getting on trends where we get the same types of games releasing over and over again. Never do we get anything that would even be considered different at all. One genre that hasn’t seen a lot of action in recent years is the strategy RPG market, which in my eyes has been hindering as of late. Well now we have a game that combines anime with a strategy RPG, and it’s La Pucelle: Tactics.


Before I get too far into the review I want to get something straight right now. This game was created for a very unique group of people and really wasn’t aimed for the masses. With this game you are really going for RPG lovers who can’t get enough anime. You will be able to tell by the style of characters, and the story involved in the game you is either going to love it or hate it!

The star of La Pucelle: Tactics is a young girl named Prier, a girl with a whole lot of attitude. She and her younger brother set out on a mission slaying demons. The game spans a whole ten chapters and let me tell you those are not small chapters. This is not a game that you will finish in a few sittings but one that will take quite a bit of time to get through. The one part of La Pucelle’s story that I did enjoy was the fact that the storyline of the game starts off on a rocky edge but as the game progresses so does the quality of the storyline. You will find yourself more and more intrigued by the storyline as you play through the game.

La Pucelle: Tactics is a strategy RPG through and through. This is a game that is aimed at a specific group in mind and not really aiming to reach the general public. To start the review of this game I would like to start by saying this game is full of battles which are very well done. In the game you have the ability to take over opponents and place them on your own teams which add’s another element of strategy to the game. Your characters are equipped with special skills and magical powers that will help your time through the game.

I will tell you right from the get go I am terrible at these types of games and this game proved to be more of the same. As I played through the game I found it was one of the more difficult games on the market to date. The computer is no dummy in this game in fact they prove to be even more difficult later on in the game. Not only that but if you were to lose a battle you get to sit through the introduction once again.

The only downside to an otherwise great strategy RPG is the pace of the game. Sure most of these titles run at a pretty slow pace, but this game is beyond that. There are times in the game where you will have to replay scenarios over more the once and this can be frustrating. The one flip side to this is that all of the battles seem to take on their own character so you won’t always feel like you’re fighting the same battle over and over again.

If there was one selling point for the game I would have to say the ability to take opponents and put them on our own team is the top. This feature works so well with La Pucelle Tactics and really makes the battles that much more interesting. This is one of the key features in the game that adds plenty of extra strategy that gives the game an extra flair that it really needs.

Overall the gameplay of La Pucelle Tactics plays at a very slow pace but if you enjoy strategy RPG’s then you definitely won’t mind the pace of the game.


Strategy RPG’s have never been known for there graphics, most try to go for different styles instead of going for the highest resolution detailed graphics that most games go for in this day and age. So how does La Pucelle Tactics fair?

La Pucelle Tactics at first glace has nothing in it that will impress. As the game progresses you will find little things that will leave you with a little bit more peace of mind but not much. The game’s graphics are very colorful and you can see the style they were going for but there really isn’t a whole lot to the game’s graphics.

Overall you are looking at a game that doesn’t put a whole lot of emphasis on graphics but instead let’s the gameplay talk for itself.

Fun Factor

Like I have mentioned a few times throughout this review, this game was created for a specific group of people in mind. So will this game be fun for them? The answer is yes and a lot of fun at that. The battles in the game are filled with plenty of strategy and special abilities. The only downside to the game that will take away from the fun is the slower pace of the game, but putting that aside if you can remain patient you will have a great time with La Pucelle Tactics.


La Pucelle Tactics is a solid strategy RPG experience that’s only downsides are the graphics and the slow pace. The gameplay of the game is solid in every aspect and will keep fans of the series happy for quite some time!

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