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Legacy of Kain: Defiance

Reviews, XboxJoel Szerlip


The Legacy of Kain series has been going on for a while now, and it has definitely gathered up a pretty big following. So whenever there is a Legacy of Kain title being released there is always a pretty good amount of hype running around it. Now Eidos is back with its next edition of the series Legacy of Kain: Defiance a very solid action title for your Xbox.


Legacy of Kain: Defiance is one of those games that will really appeal more to the fans of the series and will be a title that is not going to appeal to anyone else. The story for the game is a perfect example for this because it really goes along with the other titles of the series, which will definitely make fans of the series very happy. In the game you will be switching from Kain and Raziel, which will definitely appeal to fans of the series. The storyline of the game is quite confusing and it would be near impossible to tell you anything without spoiling it, but it is one that will keep you interested throughout the game.

For those of you who do not know Legacy of Kain: Defiance is an action adventure title that really has attempted to bring the series to the next level, and like mentioned earlier this is the first title in the series to let you play as both Raziel and Kain in the same title. You will use the two at different times, but the ability to switch between the two is quite welcome in my book. This helps mix things up during the game while Kain gets a lot more action and Raziel does more of the adventure portions of the game by doing a lot of puzzles.

One of the most noticeable changes from the previous titles in the series to Defiance is the combat system that in my eyes does wonders for the series. The game does kind of start off slow in terms of the combat but if you give it time the game will continue to grow on you and your abilities will be increasing as you go. The telekinesis moves that were implemented into the combat system were just superb, and really made this game ever so much more fun. The ability to just take your enemies in the air and throw them around like a rag doll is definitely something that most people will enjoy including myself. Without this TK system the Gameplay score would be much lower, because this really does bring the combat system all together and makes it a ton of fun.

Also accompanying the new combat system is a great deal of new moves added that also do wonders for the game. These new moves prove to be extremely helpful when going up against multiple enemies at one time and is a lot of fun to pull off. The combat system it’s self is quite good and for the most part I was pretty impressed with the improvements that they made to the series. As you get farther into the game you are given more complex moves that also do wonders for the combat system. So far I have only had positive feelings toward the game but unfortunately Defiance is not without it’s problems because it does have a few.

One of the biggest issues that should have been taken care of before the release of the game is the camera which is not one of the better ones. Many times throughout the game the camera gets held up in tight spots or either Kain or Raziel will be to close and you won’t be able to see what’s going on. One of the more common problems with the camera is when you are engaging with the enemies and your fight goes a good ways off the screen. Now I am not saying this is a constant problem because for the most part the camera does do alright, but these are some of the problems I faced throughout the game that did become an annoyance.

There are a few other minor problems that also hold the game back from being a top notch title, the collision detection is one of those things. There is a lot of time where you lock onto enemies outside of a building or you will be fighting through walls. The collision detection could have definitely been fixed before the game was released but alas we were given another minor problem to complain about.

Overall though Defiance does play quite well, there are a lot of things that I liked that were implemented into this version of the series that really should do wonders for games to follow, unfortunately there are a few minor problems that hold this one back from being a top notch title.


Legacy of Kain: Defiance is one of those games that does a solid job in the graphical department every way you look at it. Compared to other games that play similar to Legacy of Kain: Defiance this title does an excellent job of making everything look good in the game.

To start with the character models in the title are very nicely done and look quite good. Both Kain and Raziel are very nicely detailed and do a nice job of accurately depicting the characters like we would expect. To go along with nice character models comes some great lighting effects that do wonders for the game. The environments are also extremely nicely done and really never get repetitive. The environments are given to us with plenty of detail and really just look great.

Overall I was very impressed with Defiance’s graphics because they really have been very nicely constructed. Unfortunately though the camera doesn’t fully allow you to see all of the great things Crystal Dynamics has done with the game.

Fun Factor

Legacy of Kain: Defiance will definitely be fun for anyone who is a fan of the series. The new upgrades to the combat system and the interesting storyline will keep everyone interested in the game throughout. If you take away the few problems that hold the game back this would be an extremely fun game, but unfortunately these problems do hold the game back and for that I can’t give it an overly great score.


If you are a fan of the series and feel like playing another edition of the series then you will definitely want to pick up this title because it is for you. For those unsure I would have to recommend this as a rental and then go from there. The game has a lot of great things for it and I wouldn’t be surprised if the next game in the series is a winner.

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