LEGO Star Wars

LEGO Star Wars


It’s not very often that we get a game that doesn’t even take itself seriously, but when we do, we usually have a lot of fun. Today we get to take a look at a game that combines two of the biggest names in the entire world, "Lego" and "Star Wars". With the third and final installment in the very popular movie series (Legend of the Sith) coming very soon, can this game keep you entertained till the release? You’re going to have to read my full review to find out.


With games that base themselves as much on being fun as they do on the gameplay, you usually get one of two things. You either get a game that gets old so quickly that it’s never that funny, or you get a game that is perfect when you need a light-hearted experience and painless gaming session. So does Lego Star Wars get into the entertaining or bust category?

So what is Lego Star Wars you might be asking? Well it is an action game through and through that does have some complimenting platforming elements as well. The difference being in this game that everything in the game is made out of Lego blocks, which right there should give this game that light-hearted feel that it is looking for. It is really a treat to see an entire Star Wars universe created with Lego blocks, and the developers really snagged the idea quite well.

In Lego Star Wars you actually have the ability to use the force, something that has never been done very well in previous Star Wars games. This ability really is what makes this game as entertaining as you will find yourself playing with the force and probably wishing that other games had been able to pull this off. When you’re not messing around in the game, you are going to be figuring out various puzzles, which in fact means you are going to have to get the right character combinations. In the game there will always be two characters on screen, one controlled by you and the other by the AI (or another player). The game makes use of both characters quite a bit and allows you to easily switch between the two with the tap of a button.

The thing that may turn some people away from Lego Star Wars is its level of difficulty. As you can probably tell by the title, the game was made for younger kids, who in all honesty make this game rather easy. I know I went through the whole game in the matter of an hour or two, with little or no problems whatsoever to be found throughout the whole thing. Also to make matters worse the game is extremely short, so you have an easy and short game.

For most games this would be a tragic thing to say but for Lego Star Wars it’s actually not that bad because the game actually makes you want to play it all over again. There are quite many extras (aka: goodies) to be found throughout the game that you’re probably going to want to go back and play the game again to find all the hidden gems.

Sometimes simplicity in a video game works, and for Lego Star Wars this is definitely the case. The gameplay is very simple and straightforward, but still allows you to have a very interesting experience, that besides Knights of the Old Republic, is the most entertaining Star Wars game on the market.


What is so neat about Lego Star Wars is of course that the game is entirely made from Lego designs. And having played previous Lego titles I can easily say that this is the best I have ever seen the Lego’s look.

The combat in the game really compliments the visuals, which shows Lego’s being torn into small pieces and this whole effect never in my opinion became old or worn out. The character models in the game are extremely well done, with high amounts of detail and just a great feel to them. The environments are also great to look at and really leave me with no complaints. This may not be the ultimate visual masterpiece but it sure has a great deal to compliment.

Fun Factor

After playing through Lego Star Wars multiple times the one thing that holds this game back from being extremely fun is, first the length which could have been longer, and secondly the camera, which at times did get in the way. With that being said, the light-hearted approach to this game worked extremely well and left me smiling while writing this review. This game may not be the most complex, or the most intriguing of the first half of 2005, but let me tell you it is one of the most fun to play.


Lego Star Wars is, hands down, a very good game. It doesn’t have the depth as I would have hoped, but the experience is just one that you will always remember as being fun. If you’re a Star Wars fan and don’t mind being a kid again, then Lego Star Wars would be a great purchase for you.

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