Lethal Skies II


Sometimes we just get tired of the same old shooters or the same old sports titles, and it is nice to see games come out that aren’t part of the mainstream genres. Sammy Studios has just released Lethal Skies 2, a combat flight game that is trying to take over a genre that has been dominated by Namco’s Ace Combat 4. Lethal Skies 2 does some things that gives light to the genre, but is it enough to take the top spot for the flight combat genre? Just read on and find out.


The one thing that truly separated Ace Combat 4 from the rest of the pack was how solid the whole game was. It was definitely an arcade style flight game that just did an excellent job of keeping the fast flying action fun and exciting. In Lethal Skies 2 you have a game that truly tries to find a clear split of simulation and arcade style Gameplay that for the most part works rather well.

Lethal Skies 2 takes off right about where Lethal Skies (the original) ended. The one thing I really think could have helped Lethal Skies 2 in the long run would have been a more interesting, or a more interactive storyline. Instead we are given this dry storyline that I personally had no interest in. The story starts out with some briefings before your first flight where you learn that the world is being battled over by two major factions, and beyond that there isn’t much else. So to get right down to it, this is a game that focuses all its attention on the gameplay, rather then trying to integrate an interesting plot into the mix.

The game modes of Lethal Skies 2 include a campaign mode, training, and two-player mode. The training mode is actually quite handy and I found it quite useful to get the hang of the game. Lethal Skies 2 is a pretty straight-forward flight game, but it was nice to learn all the controls and to just get the hang of the game. Once you have gone through this short tutorial mode you will definitely be ready to go onto the campaign mode.

The campaign mode starts out pretty easy, and will get more and more difficult as you progress through the mode. One of my biggest complaints about the campaign mode is the lack of any storyline that could hold your interest. The missions in which you are ordered to take part in, are also not overly interesting, and become quite repetitive. It’s a shame, because you can see so much potential is the campaign mode, but they left themselves a lot of room for improvement.

So how does the gameplay measure up you may be wondering? Well Lethal Skies 2 is a pretty straight-forward flight game, which plays, quite similar to what most would expect. The controls of Lethal Skies 2 are pretty easy to get the hang of, and all of the buttons on the Dual Shock 2 controller are being used with this game. Flying of the plans is pretty simple, although each plane does have its own unique feel, which will take some time to get used to.

The one problem that really gets to me on Lethal Skies 2 is the targeting system, which was pretty disappointing. This is especially noticeable when you find yourself aiming at ground units, which is easier said then done. Locking onto enemies in the air is better, but I personally would like to have some more controls of what’s going on.

Overall the gameplay of Lethal Skies 2 unfortunately leaves quite a bit of room for improvement. The game just doesn’t have that solid crisp feel that Ace Combat 4 has, and it just lacks a story to keep you interested for very long periods.


If Lethal Skies does one thing above average, it would have to be in the graphics department, which is probably the best thing Lethal Skies 2 has going for it. It would have to be the graphics, which are done in a very nice fashion.

In all flight games there are a lot of things you need to worry about to create a good-looking flight title. With that being said the developers of Lethal Skies 2 did an excellent job of making everything look very nice. The planes in which you will be flying are heavily detailed, with a sharp appearance that works very nicely.

The environments, in which you will be flying around in, are also quite impressive, with plenty of detail and a lot of nice extras. The weather effects are also very realistic, and they do have an effect on the missions of the game.

Overall the look of Lethal Skies 2 is solid, there isn’t anything overwhelmingly great, but there is enough to make things look quite impressive throughout.

Fun Factor

Lethal Skies 2 has a lot of potential, and in some ways the game can still be a lot of fun. With the multiplayer mode that can provide some pure flight combat to your Ps2, but the lack of a solid Campaign mode is what minimizes the fun factor in the game, to only a partially fun game. There are some great ideas in Lethal Skies 2 but unfortunately along with these comes problems that end up hurting the game.


Lethal Skies 2 is a solid flight combat game that ends up falling short in some key departments, and that prevents it from dethroning Ace Combat 4 as the best flight combat game for the PS2. Lethal Skies 2 has its ups and downs, and would make for a good rental, but beyond that I cannot recommend it for purchase. There is just not enough to keep you interested for a long period of time.

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