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PSP, ReviewsJoel SzerlipPuzzle


If a platform ever needed a standout title to help get the engines turning again, it is the PSP, which has been badly fading behind the Nintendo DS. While the PSP is arguably the more advanced of the two, it is the game that drives the sales, much like when the technologically inferior original 32-bit PlayStation triumphed against the 64-bit N64. Today we are checking out a game that I personally believe had the potential to take the PSP where no game previously has been able to, and that is gaming addiction. The big question is can this cute, colorful, puzzle game from Sony entitled LocoRoco be Sony’s golden ticket? Read our full review to find out!


It was only a few months ago when I got my hands on a preview copy of LocoRoco and was extremely excited to see what the full game would turn out to be. My instant comparison for LocoRoco came from the Katamari Damacy series, which used an extremely simple idea that just took off like a rocket. LocoRoco uses a very simple character and design in mind, and just rolls with it. So how does the final product rate?

Surprisingly there is a story surrounding the game of LocoRoco, but fortunately it just compliments the game rather than slowing it down. Basically there is evil that has come to the world, and you play to bring peace back to the world. The exact way you bring peace to the world seems a little far stretched, but for a game like this, the story works just fine.

LocoRoco is a game that I have already mentioned, uses a simplistic idea and rolls with it throughout. In fact, the goal through all forty levels of the game is to get from the beginning and make it out of the exit. You play as literally a blob of "goo", and you roll around levels getting around. What is so neat about the game is that you control the game with the two bumper controls, basically controlling the world. Now there are a few things added to the mix to give the game a bit more bite, but the actual gameplay of this game is extremely simple and direct.

One thing that you will be doing throughout the game is getting fruits, which allows your character to grow. And when you become bigger, you can break into smaller pieces and get to areas through the game. All of the mechanics of the game are extremely simple and easy to use, but are overwhelmingly addicting. I knew I liked what the game was shaping up to be a few months ago, but the final game just simply work great. The reason for this is that just like many great games, it manages to keep a great pace, and you just feel engaged in this simple puzzle game from start to finish. The game adds to obstacles and abilities throughout the experience that just makes this game extremely engaging.

What is so amazing about LocoRoco for the first time in a while, I have actually felt a need and desire to go back and play through the game again. There are a ton of hidden things that you need to pick up that warrant a repeat play through. To me what makes LocoRoco great is that it takes a simple idea and makes it an extremely engaging and entertaining game.


To me, the visuals compliments the game perfectly, essentially bringing this simplistic game to life with an extremely simple but colorful experience. In fact, the use of color in LocoRoco is by far the best I have seen on the PSP, and the PSP’s graphical engine certainly does its job splendidly. The game is extremely bright, sometimes a bit over the top, but just simply beautiful. I think anyone who picks up this game will just be pleasantly surprised and satisfied with how great of a job Sony did with the visuals.

Fun Factor

I will be the first to admit that I am not the first to jump on a puzzle game and become addicted, but there was something about LocoRoco that may just be an indescribable attraction to this game that just worked. Luckily I know I am not the only one, as I have already witnessed a few fellow gamers pick this game up and just enjoy it right out the gate. LocoRoco takes this simple idea like a Katamari Damacy and just runs with it to make a great gaming experience.


LocoRoco is the most engaging PSP game that has come out this year, hands down. This is a game that I would highly recommend to any PSP owner out there that has any interest at all in just a simple gaming experience. This game is great for both short and long gaming sessions, and is one that has the replay value, as it is easily a game that you will want to go and revisit a few months or years down the road.

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