Lost Marbles

Lost Marbles is a 3D puzzle game that presents you with the challenge of maneuvering different types of marbles through obstacles. Each marble is made of a different material and has a different ability. The game is a 3D take on Marble Madness. The puzzles grow tougher in later levels, giving you enough time to get oriented with the controls and camera angles. The 3D effect made the gameplay feel like it was remade for Nintendo 64, which isn’t such a bad thing. This game already gave me a sense of nostalgia when I started playing it.

The puzzles range in difficulty and progressively get harder as you complete each level. Your time plays a vital role in the leaderboard, so completing the level isn’t your only goal. These leaderboards work for this type of game as scores can be shared with your friends and anyone in the community who wants to challenge you. The challenge is not only the completion times by people but your own best times as well. I would only suggest playing this a few hours at a time. The level of frustration is tamed a bit by the graphics, but it'll eventually make you stop playing. The graphics reminded me of when I was first introduced to the N64.

Lost Marbles is a simple to play and have fun with, but the gameplay stays the same for each level while the difficulty progressively gets harder. With time, pateince and several frustrating sessions, you should be able to control three marbles at a time. The camera angles get a little weird if you aren't oriented enough with the movement of the marble. I was more comfortable using the 360 controller instead of the keyboard because I generally suck at camera orientation and my eyesight is pretty bad.

Overall, the game was pleasant, refreshing and frustrating. The levels are challenging and sometimes prove to be a little much to handle but the graphics and music allow you to let the anger go. I suggest playing this game a few hours at a time just in case of any hard feelings. It’s better to limit your time and cool off.