Lost: Via Domus


I among many others were very surprised to see that Ubi Soft was bringing the very popular and confusing TV show Lost to the consoles in video game form. I am among those who has tried to get into Lost on numerous occasions. It seems like with each new season I watch the recap video that ABC puts out for the show and then watch the first few episodes of the season and give up. However I still was interested to see how they would bring Lost to the Playstation 3. Well the wait and the questions have now been answered as Lost: Via Domus is now available. Is the game more eye opening then the show? Read our full review to find out.


What is so interesting about Lost: Via Domus is that it has you go to the island where the Oceanic flight of course made that memorable crash landing. However you won’t be playing as any character you see on the show, they are all in the game, but you play as a new character named Elliot. The idea is that Elliot doesn’t remember anything from before the flight, and like everything in the show, is confused as to what happened to him.

So throughout the game you are trying to piece together his past and also go through some of the crazy things that only happen in Lost. So that is all I will reveal in the story side of things, although I have to say that I understood this story much more then I have ever understood five minutes of any Lost episode. The story for such a great show doesn’t live up the what any fan of the show is going to be looking for.

So the story isn’t anything to write home about, but what about the game, is it worth the trouble? Well what is interesting about Lost: Via Domus is that you’re playing in this world that you see every week on the show, but with a new character that really adds an element of intrigue and tries to keep you engaged throughout. In this you have a bunch of different gameplay types all of which end up feeling more alike than they probably should have.

A lot of what you’re going to be doing in this game is exploring, walking around the island, and running for your life. The other aspect is talking with other members of the Lost TV Show to figure out what to do next. In fact the game is overly linear, it is nearly impossible to get lost (pun intended) and in fact this actually works against the game. Much of the problems that you find in Lost: Via Domus is that there is really nothing exciting to do in the game. It is a lot of repetition, and the areas that are meant to be the thrilling aspects of the game end up falling flat because of control and camera issues.

The use of any weapons in this game is limited to a few minutes of the experience, and the rest you are wandering around aimlessly. I just couldn’t get myself to be overwhelmed with excitement about any aspect of this game. The story was below par, the gameplay was limited even for an adventure style game, and much of what was meant to be great ends up falling flat on its face.


The game is very linear and developing an environment to me in a linear atmosphere has to be less of a challenge then an open world. With that being said I was extremely impressed with the atmosphere that the developers managed to pull off with this game. Not only does it feel like Lost the TV Show has come to life but the textures and the detail is pretty impressive. The camera is the only issue I had with the visual side of the experience, outside of that this is a pretty solid HD experience.

Fun Factor

Watching an episode of Lost for me is more confusing then it is entertaining, but I figure that is part of the appeal. For the game, you get neither of these feelings, as you always know where you’re going, and the story has very little of the quality that you find in the show. Also the voice actors were actually a bit disappointing, not everyone from the show lend their voices and that made the value and the enjoyment of the game go down for me. More than anything though I just thought that for a short experience the game never caught nor kept my attention.


It’s a shame that a game based on such an interesting and confusing show couldn’t have gotten better love on the PS3. However this is one game that could have used more work at the drawing board. I appreciate the fact the developers wanted to implement a lot of different elements into the gameplay, and blend that with the Lost story. The only problem is it has to be fun, and Lost: Via Domus is just not.

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