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Lumines II

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The music genre is one that has expanded quite a bit in recent years, and in fact has really thrived with the current generation consoles and music titles. We have seen games from all sorts of different styles of music coming to the market, with many of them being actually very successful. Today we are checking out a game that jumped onto the scene and got mass publicity for being just an extremely addictive music game that really took the market by storm. So today we are checking out the sequel to the ever popular Lumines, in Lumines II for the Playstation Portable. Does the sequel live up to the high expectations? Read our full review to find out!


When the PSP first launched many were surprised by the lack of innovation that many of the games have had. In fact much of the launch lineup that we saw for the PSP was ports from the Playstation 2, which was not that exciting. The PSP has since struggled, when compared to the highly successful Nintendo DS, which is backed by a solid selection of quality and unique gaming library. One of the PSP’s success stories however was a simple puzzle game that took the market by storm. The game was Lumines, and it was one of the more addictive puzzle games that now has a sequel. And can the sequel manage to be as fun as the original?

For those who didn’t get a chance to play the original game, Lumines is a game that brings another puzzle game that uses blocks that contain two colors. Like other puzzle games, you have to match up the colors in squares or rectangles and get it done while you have a bar going back and forth that accepts this blocks. Now what is interesting about this game or what makes it different is that the game is played based on the music that is played along with it. So although the puzzle aspect is rather simple, you have to get used to the different music that is played in order to be successful.

The game’s main mode of play is the Challenge mode, which has three levels of difficulty for the experienced and those who may just be getting their start in the game. The goal of the challenge mode is to of course get through the different puzzles in order to unlock more content, which includes skins and new music. These are easily reasons enough to want to go through the challenge mode however, just the shear challenge of the game really motivates the user to really want to get through some really hard challenges, which shows how truly addictive Lumines II really is.

The game also has a mission mode which gives you some interesting tasks to complete, and from there really adds a little extra depth to the game. This mode is in many ways even more challenging that what saw in the challenge mode, as it really dissects the game and asks you to create different shapes or different tasks to make certain things happen. The mission mode is really for those who are really skilled in this game and have probably already unlocked everything from the challenge mode.

What is probably the most impressive part of Lumines II is that it really did not rest on its laurels. In fact, Lumines II in many ways out did the original game by expanding the gameplay in almost every area and manage to make one of the best PSP games even better.


What really drives Lumines II is its visuals, which are even more vibrant and beautiful than what we saw in the original game. Lumines II manages to bring in these colors in a few different ways, and this is really one of the reasons for success. Also there are just an absolute ton of skins to unlock, which help freshen up the game and make it really look quite great. In the end, the visuals aren’t the most important part of Lumines II, but they sure do help the overall experience.

Fun Factor

I am one that some puzzle games I absolutely love and there are others that I cannot stand. Lumines II if you couldn’t tell already is one that I absolutely enjoyed from start to finish. One of the best things you can say about a game like this is it is a game that you could come back and play a few years down the line and just have as much fun as the day you first bought it. Lumines II has enough depth to last you quite a long time, and for those who had a great time with the first game then you can expect to once again find even more to enjoy in Lumines II.


With a platform that has continued to struggle like the PSP, it is just a breath of fresh air to see a sequel go above and beyond my expectations for it and really help the PSP. For those who enjoyed the original Lumines, you will find that with this sequel you have a game that improves in every area, while still containing that same amazing addictive gameplay that made it popular in the first place.

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