Madden NFL 07


It is the time many people have been waiting for, and that is for the release of Sony’s latest console the Playstation 3. This is a console that has had nowhere near the positive hype nor the positive anticipation that many Sony fans were expecting from Sony’s next console, especially with the major success of their previous two. One big success was the Madden franchise on the Playstation 2, which was another staple game that had continued success on the platform. Now the Playstation 3 has hit store shelves and for the lucky folk who got their chance on the new machine, the latest Madden title, Madden NFL 07 has been released and ready to be played. So the big question is how does Madden fair on the new shiny black box? Read our full review to find out!


Each and every year the guys over at Tiburon try to impress the faithful followers with new features, new gameplay elements, and just an overall better Madden experience than ever before. Beginning in 2005 Madden essentially has no direct competitors, due to the exclusive licensing deal that EA struck with the NFL. So any fan of football was really left with one choice for football, which in my opinion put even more pressure on EA to come through with their Madden franchise, especially now with its first try on the Playstation 3.

So what have they added to Madden NFL 07 this year? Well first off, making its first appearance on the next generation consoles is the highly praised superstar mode. The premise behind the mode is you taking the role of one athlete who plays one position, and you control this player throughout his career. Sounds interesting right? I mean who wouldn’t love to create a character and take them through a career? So now the guys and gals at Tiburon have given you a mode specifically for that purpose. Unfortunately however the actual execution of this mode is not as fantastic as some might hope for.

For starters, the camera angle of the action changes to a much closer view, which limits your view of the field and makes playing a bit more of a challenge than necessary. Also there is way too much downtime in between the time you’re on the field. For example my first player was a QB, and sure it was nice playing as the QB during the offensive stands, but when the defense gets the ball you will be sitting and waiting and that’s not the best thing in the gaming industry. The developers do try to make the downtime shorter by having the times where you’re not playing go on fast forward, but even that is still too much downtime. The mode is structured well enough, and anyone with a good deal of patience can find some things to appreciate in this mod. However I just felt they could have deepened the experience and given less downtime.

Madden NFL 07 does try to use some of the Playstation 3 controller’s technology (Sixaxis) with their new lead blocking controls. Basically the new mechanic is that you can take control of a blocker who is then going to protect your running back as they go try to break one down the field. This feature is fun to do, however the use of the Sixaxis controller isn’t all that great as you can push the controller forward to block oncoming rushers. However the responsiveness to this control scheme isn’t that great and leaves much to be desired. Also I should mention that you can try to draw people offside by tilting the controller back, and although this is fun once or twice it, it doesn’t add much to the verall gameplay experience.

Not going into every little detail of the game, there have been some other additions to the franchise, including the Hall of Fame Mode, Mini Games, and finally the ability to challenge calls on the field. The franchise mode hasn’t been altered all that much, just some very small changes here and there. Some may be thinking that these additions don’t sound all that impressive, but instead I say that in all actuality these little additions make a big improvement on last year’s game.

In the end, Madden NFL 07 is really the same experience that we had on the PS2, with very little difference. It is a bit disappointing not to have any changes as there were a few extra months of development and maybe a few extra mini games wouldn’t have hurt anything. The Playstation 3 version of Madden still plays fantastic, and offers an all around great game of football.


Similar to what we saw in the gameplay, the visual quality in Madden NFL 07 is very similar if not identical to what we saw on the 360 version. The game still has some drop dead gorgeous character models that are really accurate along with great stadiums that really enhance the experience. However Madden still isn’t perfect on the PS3, with some clipping issues that also were found in the 360 version, as well as still the need for more animation, which although there are more than before, still has plenty of room to grow.

Fun Factor

I am what you would consider the average Madden player. I am not one that would be waiting outside in the cold to pick up a copy, but I never miss picking up the latest copy. Some years the games just seem more enjoyable than others, and with some of the new additions in this version this game is definitely one to enjoy. I have to say with the exception of the lackluster Superstar Mode, I found myself enjoying the new mini games, the hall of fame mode, and even the franchise mode. I would have loved to see a fantasy draft instituted back in the game and some more work on the off season play of the franchise mode, but with all that being said, Madden 07 is a very enjoyable game to play even on the Playstation 3.


I am surprised to sit here and basically write an identical review to what we saw on the 360 game, mainly because I didn’t think they would just port the 360 game over. However with that being said, if you don’t own the 360 version of Madden and managed to get your hands on the PS3, then what are you waiting for? Madden NFL 07 is a fantastic game of football that looks good, and plays even better.

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