Marvel's Spider-Man DLC: Silver Linings Review

According to an old saying, every cloud is supposed to have a silver lining, and as Spider-Man, you often have to look for the good in a whole sea of bad. Thankfully, the Silver Linings DLC for Marvel’s Spider-Man has a whole lot of good to it, so searching for the proverbial good part wasn’t that hard. While the ending of the City That Never Sleeps arc isn’t as strong as its previous chapters, the main threads wrap up, leaving some small ones on the edge just hinting at things to come, it nonetheless provides a satisfying enough conclusion for some stellar additional story content.

It was only a matter of time before Hammerhead’s antics brought on the wrath of the woman whose weapons bear her name, but Silver Sable herself plays a big role in the DLC’s final chapter. Staying away from direct story spoilers, the majority of your time is spent either trying to track down Hammerhead and his now fully kitted out android body, or chasing down Sable, whose reticence to work with Spider-Man is topped only by Yuri’s hatred of Spider-Cop. Keeping up appearances as well is Screwball whose challenges continue to be fantastic, though this time around doesn’t introduce anything new.

While the general beat of the narrative remains strong, with the interactions between super serious Sable and Spider-Man remaining superb, certain moments just didn’t work, specifically those with characters coming out of nowhere to make a save only to disappear seconds later with little to no explanation. When you see it, you’ll know which moment I speak of, and while there is nothing more comic book than a sudden save, even this feels a little less earned then the reveal itself deserved.

As for the rest of the DLC, it continues the same kind of ramp up the previous chapters did with the fighting. Now, all of Hammerhead’s goons are dressed in power armor, including the brutes, and the base fights are exercises in thinking on your feet. Somehow, and maybe it’s just the repeated practice, the bases this time felt easier, even though all of them are still a few solid levels above even the hardest of Sable bases from the main campaign. I also have to call out the ending of the Screwball missions as one of the best chases in the whole game, with bonus points going to the episode of J.Jonah Jameson’s podcast that plays right afterward. I think it’s worth noting that Insomniac’s Jameson, while only present as a voice in the game, is up there with J.K. Simmons as easily the best versions of the character.

Having mentioned the best part of the Raimi movies, bonus costumes are again awarded for completing the story and 100% the DLC. The three offerings are okay, with the winner in my mind being the Into the Spiderverse costume. As part of a regular game update, and the reason for my above transition, Insomniac also released the Spider-Man outfit from the Raimi movies, and now that we have it, I’m left asking why people wanted this so bad. I guess it’s great that it’s here, and if it’s your bag, then enjoy, but compared to some of the other suits available, including the still champion White Spider, I just see myself never swinging around the city in it.

And with that, we’ve reached the end of the planned cycle for Spider-Man story DLC. Overall, I’m very impressed with the product Insomniac released, and it raises my expectations for what other companies are willing to put out with their names attached. While I have issues with some of the beats in the final chapter, I have zero qualms recommending it for anyone who enjoyed the main game. And for those that didn’t, well, they just don’t like fun anyway.

Reviewer and Editor for Darkstation by day, probably not the best superhero by night. I mean, look at that costume. EEK!