Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne


Any casual gamer has definitely heard of Rockstar and one of there big hit titles (other then Grand Theft Auto) being Max Payne. This was one of those games that sucked you in right from the beginning with a detailed, well written storyline and some great third person action that just did a wonderful job keeping gamers interested throughout. Now Rockstar has teamed up with Remedy again to bring us Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne an excellent addition to the series!


For those gamers who were no fortunate enough to be able to pick up the first Max Payne you may be a little confused at the start, but luckily for you the game does summarize briefly what happened in the first game. And for those of us much more fortunate gamers who got to play through the craze of Max Payne then you will find that the story will pick up right where the first left off. Max is back to being a detective and is still very weary of everything that is happening around him. He ends up hooking up with the very lovely Monica Sax a murder subject who ties in Max’s own background to the story. To be quite frank if you enjoyed the first story then you will love this one, because it is just as interesting, and just as weird as the first. The storyline has plenty of plot twists to it, and really will keep all interested throughout the game.

Probably the biggest difference from Max Payne to Max Payne 2 was the changes to bullet time. Max Payne was widely known as the game that actually made bullet time work and made it work extremely well, and now that it’s been upgraded immensely the game is just thriving with great bullet time action. The difference from the first edition of bullet time to the present is that instead of bullet time being used for the defensive but this time around it’s much of an offensive weapon. In the original bullet time was a lot more slowed down then the new version and was much more useful for dodging bullets rather then shooting down enemies. Now you get to use the bullet time for a much more offensive stand point and it works greatly for mowing down enemies as well as dodging bullets.

When many people have heard this they get worried that the game is going to be too easy with the upgraded bullet time feature. And although the new feature is a great new weapon it doesn’t make the game much easier because the enemies are actually a lot harder then before. Although some do not react as well as others for the most part the computer AI has been upgraded and seems to be a good deal better then in the first title.

The arsenal behind Max in this version is much more varied and there have been some new weapons added. But for the most part you can take a shotgun through the game and be alright, but some of the new weapons in the game are quite good and are quite fun to play with in the game.

If you have played through Max Payne then you will find that the style in which the game goes is quite the same except in Max Payne 2 there is even more emphasis placed on the storyline, specifically the love story which is very apparent in the game. This is not a bad thing but you do have quite a few breaks in the action which is attempting to extend the games length but this is where the biggest downfall of the game comes.

Similar to Max Payne, Max Payne 2 is quite short, in fact the game is probably only going to take the average gamer a good ten hours to complete. Quite frankly that is just not a good thing, and it really holds back Max Payne 2 from really making it to a prestige level. Luckily though for the time you do get to play Max Payne 2 in it’s just some of the best third person action out on the market today.


As we look back on Max Payne we realize that the developers really did a nice job of creating a dark type atmosphere that really added that sense of horror to the game which kept things moving gracefully. Take those same graphics and upgrade them and you have Max Payne 2, and if you haven’t figured it out that means it looks pretty dang good.

Max himself looks a good deal better, especially in the detail department where we get to see a lot more of features in Max then you did in the previous game. The environments of Max Payne 2 are much improved over the first but really aren’t up to the level you would hope. Things look pretty blocky and the detail isn’t all there. With that being said the game stays pretty consistent throughout and it ends up doing alright throughout.

Overall Max Payne 2 is much upgraded from the first but has yet to really make its mark as being an excellent looking graphical title but yet just an above average looking title.

Fun Factor

Max Payne 2 is one of those titles that although is very, and in short stays extremely fun throughout the lifespan of the title. Max Payne 2 combines constant action with the ever so fun bullet time effect that really never gets old. The game is one of those titles that combined with the wonderful storyline and excellent Gameplay you will have a lot of fun with this one.


If you were a fan of Max Payne then you will definitely be a fan of May Payne 2: Fall of Max Payne. The game does everything a good deal better then the original and for that we commend Remedy for a job well done. If you’r in the market for a new action title then I would definitely recommend Max Payne 2.

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