Medal of Honor: European Assault

Medal of Honor: European Assault


The first person shooting genre is known to be one of the most popular genres out on the gaming market today. When you look at what this genre gets each and every month, it’s no wondering why we are getting more picky with what we are expecting from these games. Well now we get to check out one of the leaders in the genre, Medal of Honor: European Assault for the PS2 which promises to revolutionize the Medal of Honor series with open ended gameplay. So does EA succeed in making a great game? Read our full review to find out!


Medal of Honor: European Assault is a game that takes the series and decides that it is time for change. And that is exactly what they did with European Assault, as you play in a game where you’re not put on a particularly narrated line but instead one that you can choose the way you want to go through a level. This marks a huge departure from the linear path that all of the previous Medal of Honor games have worked with.

Medal of Honor: European Assault is aimed directly at being a single player game where you take the character of William Holt, an American Officer where you will be going through four different campaigns. You are basically a pawn for the British Army to use, and therefore you will be placed all over the place having to take on different types of missions throughout the game. Without giving out to much information on the game’s story, I have to say that the pace of the story moves at a good pace but it just isn’t all that interesting. I am usually a big fan of Medal of Honor storylines, but for some reason I just never got into this game’s story. The cut scenes were gorgeous, but I have to say this was not one of the best stories of this illustrious series.

The changes to the Medal of Honor series are really quite significant, as we are moving from a game that moves on a single linear path to a game that requires team effort and does not really move on much of linear path. In each level you are given one primary objective, and then you are given a list of optional missions in which you can take along side those. These side missions per se are really a nice touch for the game as they give you some variety to take part in outside of the main objectives. This system for the game really works well and I have to say that although I am going to miss the days of linear FPS, from this series it is good to see that the game has made a nice transition to this sort of gameplay.

Like I mentioned earlier, European Assault will have you playing along side teammates, whose AI has been vastly improved from previous Medal of Honor games. It is in this game that we actually have some control, although pretty limited, of commanding your team to victory. I actually would have preferred (after playing this game) that they had just left you by yourself without controlling your team, as if this game wanted to be a squad based shooter, it should have put more emphasis on that.

So the single player mode in European Assault is a pretty good in terms of length, but to be honest it just didn’t do as much for me as previous MOH games. I mean it felt like a stripped down squad-based shooter that was made with a big license and great cut scenes. The game as a whole just was not all that exciting, and when you take into account the story not being all that exciting either, the single player mode for me was pretty average in the full sense. I think the fact that it was Medal of Honor meant we were just expecting more.

The game does include some multiplayer support, but for some reason there is no online multiplayer, which in my eyes was really disappointing. The multiplayer that was included on the PS2 version was stripped down and pretty pathetic for any FPS, as it has the basic modes and that’s about it. So basically you are stuck to one split screen if you are to play the multiplayer in the game.


The visuals of Medal of Honor: European Assault is what I would call pretty typical for the PS2 now days. I mean we are kind of getting to the point that we can pretty much expect what is to come from the PS2 visuals, and very rarely are surprised by them. For European Assault it was really much of the some decent environments and typical character models is what this game is composed with.

Through the PS2’s lifespan we have also seen a lot of FPS plagued with frame rate problems, but luckily this was not the problem for European Assault as it seemed to run at a steady rate. That, in my eyes, just gave us a pretty average first person shooter experience. The cut scenes were by far the best looking part of the game, as these were really some of the finest I have seen. Although the story itself was lousy, the visual quality of the cut scenes were great.

Fun Factor

I think it was a hard transition period for Medal of Honor fans with this game, as you can see where they are going with the series. But to be honest, I’m not sure if they should. I mean European Assault is a good game and there are no two ways about it, but unfortunately it just doesn’t have all the depth that we have come to know from the squad based genre. The game really lost its fun after the single player because from there, there was really nothing left to do without any online play.


I am honestly shocked they released this game without online play, but with that being said this is still a pretty good game that has its ups and downs. It’s a transition period for this series, and this is just one of those average games that come along with this transition period. If you are a fan of the series I would say check this out, if not then this game is a good rental for everyone else.

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