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MediEvil: Resurrection

PSP, ReviewsJoel Szerlip


I truly hope that I won’t have to start PSP reviews off anymore by saying that the PSP is really in need of a stand out title to really get its feet off the ground. Sure the platform has sold quite a few units, but let’s be real here - there really hasn’t been a "Halo" style game for this platform. So far the PSP has been filled with mediocre games that focuses more on visuals rather than substance. So today we look at one of the many Sony releases for their platform this holiday season, and it is MediEvil: Resurrection. Could this possibly be the game the PSP was looking for?


To be honest with you all, when I first heard about this game it totally escaped my mind that MediEvil was a game for the Playstation. I remembered the reason why I couldn’t recall this old PS1 game, and that was because it wasn’t all that great of a game. Although I remember thinking that the game did have potential I really never though the series would be revived. Well now the second game in the series is here and could this game possibly resurrect some of the good from the original and add even more great dark fun?

The story of MediEvil: Resurrection is based around the character of Sir Daniel Fortesque, who was a Knight who can easily be considered a big coward. Basically he was killed in battle with an arrow to the eye (ouch), but most people only know him as a courageous warrior as that was how the story was told back at home. The magician who killed our buddy Daniel named Zork wants to rule the world, so a 100 years after the fact, Zork brings back Daniel from the dead.

MediEvil: Resurrection takes a very dark but humorous approach to the game and although at first this game looks a little grim, the gameplay is definitely more along the lines of light hearted and fun. To start the game you are given a few tutorials to go through that are extremely easy and are quick enough not to become a hassle or a waste of time. From there you will be ready to go in the games adventure, which is a much diversified experience. In the game you have action from start to finish and you will be able to mess with all of Daniel’s different combos as his system is very deep and has loads of different moves.

The thing about MediEvil Resurrection is that you seem to be doing the same thing over and over again with very little variety to come by. Although the developers made plenty of different enemies to go after, the game really does not have enough variety. One of the real problems in the game comes from the camera, which seems to work against you for the most part and controlling it on the PSP proves to be quite a hassle. The game also does have some mini-games and platforming elements, but to be honest everything in the game feels so uninspired and so bland that it is really hard in my opinion to really find an appreciation for it. The game just manages to make things interesting to a degree, but with semi-decent action, and pretty plain platforming and mini games, this game is one that just does not have enough good going on.


MediEvil: Resurrection is one of those games that has a very uniquely dark theme, yet with a light hearted graphical feel that would have been a masterpiece, if only they worked on it more. When I look at MediEvil: Resurrection, I see a game that is truly missing some key pieces of the puzzle. The main piece like I mentioned earlier was the camera, which also makes the games presentation look even less impressive as you don’t get to see as clearly as you would like all of the different character models in the game.

Although what you do get to see in MediEvil: Resurrection isn’t all that exciting compared to where the game could have been. Had the game had more time in development you could see more detail and a better camera really would have given this game a 180 turn for the better.

Fun Factor

MediEvil: Resurrection is one of those games that had the potential once again to be a great game, but due to the camera issue and the lack of any ingenuity or creativity, the team just didn’t manage to make an overly entertaining game. What ended up coming from this title was a game that had average action that was extremely repetitive and some average platforming that just didn’t have any real positive or negative effect on the game. MediEvil: Resurrection had the potential to be a really enjoyable game but instead ended up being one that I struggled to find enjoyable portions of the game.


This is one of those games that has the groundwork laid out, as in the storyline is impressive, the ideas are all in order, but the execution just ends up in shambles. This is one of those games that had the potential to really help the PSP but instead ends up being a game that I could recommend no further then a rental, and even at that it’s hard to put this game on the top of the list with the unfortunate camera issues. Like I said it had all of the great ideas in order, it just didn’t execute them in an entertaining nor interesting fashion.

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