Metal Gear Acid

Metal Gear Acid


When we think about the Metal Gear series, I can take a wild guess and say we think about great action stealth game that consists of great storylines and great cinematic. Well if you are expecting all of this from Metal Gear Acid the first rendition of the Metal Gear series on the PSP, you’re in for a rather disturbing or maybe pleasing surprise. Metal Gear Acid is a game that runs away from the typical Metal Gear format and moves onto a turn-based card game that really shocked me. So is it a good change? Read our full review of one of the most anticipated PSP launch titles to find out!


When I first heard of a Metal Gear game as a PSP launch title, I must admit that was the game that I set my eyes on and I was looking forward to playing. It wasn’t until some details emerged before the launch of the system that I realized this game wasn’t going to be what I expected, but instead a different direction for the series. Still, going into Acid with an open mind, I was actually surprised to find that while this is no typical Metal Gear, it still had some rather good qualities.

One of the best qualities I found of Metal Gear Acid was one that has always been apart of the series, and that is the game’s unique and interesting storyline. And since the storyline of the game is so crucial to the overall Metal Gear experience, I figured it is probably best not to give away any of the details. Suffice to just say it stays close to the typical Metal Gear style story, and is an extremely interesting one.

Once you get into Metal Gear Acid, I have a feeling most of you, like myself, will take quite a while to really get the hang of the game’s system. If you are familiar with card strategy games, then this one will be pretty easy for you to get the hang of. For the uninitiated, the game does include a tutorial that tries to help you get on your feet the best it can. But to be honest, even after the tutorial I had quite a bit of catching up to do, and a lot of times of trying to figure out what to do.

For those of you who are worried that Konami has totally gone away from the Metal Gear system, they haven’t. You’re still going to be sneaking around throughout missions, but instead of doing that in real-time, you are going to be doing it in a turn based system. Once you do get the hang of the system, the game rewards you with quite a bit of mind-blowing strategy that really keeps you on your toes throughout the game. One thing I think many people are not going to like is the slower pace gameplay, which can be annoying at times but really compliments the game’s strategy.

For a card based strategy game this is a solid experience. I think if you give the game sometime to grow on you, the gameplay will as well.


Now one of the problems I have had lately with card-based games is that the visuals that back these sort of games don’t always seem to be the most impressive. In fact most of the time the visuals seem to be overlooked and not given the proper emphasis at all.

Metal Gear Acid doesn’t capitilize much on the PSP’s power as it leaves us with one of the most depressing looking Metal Gear game yet. This isn’t that big of an insult, considering the last three games in the series have practically raised the bar on visual excellence, but this one just isn’t all that great. It will remind you probably a lot of Metal Gear Solid 1 and/or 2, with the same sort of character models and things of that nature. With that being said, the game still doesn’t have enough oomph to really make a huge splash on the PSP.

Fun Factor

I am sure growing up, all of your moms or dads told you "patience is a virtue" and, let me tell you, this is a game that is going to test that virtue. But if you can pass the initial portions of the game, you really can find some really meaty turn based strategy that really makes for quite an enjoyable experience. Now it’s not going to be as exciting as a full-on Metal Gear game, but to be honest, for a card-based strategy game, this is really a fun game that can be quite rewarding.


Metal Gear Acid is a solid card-based strategy that I know will disappoint many because it’s not your typical stealth action game. With that being said, if you are into these sorts of games, Metal Gear Acid will definitely appeal to you. Otherwise I would suggest it as a safe bet rental title.

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