Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty


Okay look... the only way to do this game justice is to divide the story line section in two parts. One part for those who haven’t played the game, and one for those who have. But a warning to all who have not played the game you will do yourself great harm if you read the second part.

You have been warned.

Part one for those who haven’t played it yet:

I don’t want go into great detail because doing so would almost ruin what has to be the greatest story ever told on the PS2. The game begins with Snake sneaking aboard a tanker so he can take pictures of the new Metal Gear the marines built to take on all the other metal gears from other countries. If you’re asking how did other countries get metal gears of there own, simple. Revolver Ocelot sold them the plans. Nice tie up with the original’s plot. Otacon is back and well the only one helping Snake this time mainly because Snake’s no longer with the government... he’s with a group he and otacon started called Philanthropy. Well that’s it. If I told you anything else I’d be giving away too much but in a nutshell this is by far the best storyline for any game ever, outside of some very good RPGs of course.

Part two for those who have finished the game:


Alright this isn’t another detailed recap. Just a few short words on how I feel about the storyline. First of all, I didn’t give 50 bucks to play Raiden and I definitely did not like Snake falling asleep during Raidens mission. And I really didn’t like the ending. Was Rose real or not? How could she be real when she was freaking out just like the Colonel after the virus was loaded? And what happened to Merle and was the colonel always fake? Was there ever really a Colonel to begin with? I’ll tell you the last two hours of this game felt like a really bad dream, and when is metal gear 3 coming out? How on earth could all 12 patriots be dead when one of them was Philanthropy’s biggest supporter? All this and I still love the game. Amazing.


Sadly for me, the gameplay is almost identical to that of Metal Gear Solid. There are only a few minor tweaks and improvements, such as has the ability to fire all weapon in first person mode by simply selecting your weapon and pressing R1 to shift to first person view and square to aim and fire. You’re also able to hang on ledges, mainly to avoid detection. My only real complaint here is that you should be able to play the entire game in first person mode. That would have made it cooler. All in all most people wouldn’t be able to tell this was sequel from the gameplay point of view, but I guess Hideo kojima figured why tamper with perfection.


Again not much to say but perfect. Everything looks real from Snake’s hair to the walls and rails. Everything is so detailed. There is a little pop thru in some cut scenes but that’s nit picking. The shadow effects are amazing. So are all the other special effects, especially the lighting, which is the best I have ever seen. The game also features all the original voice cast from the original Metal Gear Solid, including David Hayter as Solid Snake. To top it all off, the game also surports Dolby Digital 5.1 sound in all the cut scenes, which sounds great. I wonder when a game will support DTS.

Fun Factor

Well this game’s more fun than a room full of lonely women. For the most part the game is fun and captivating. There are a few dry spots here and there, but like when the message the games trying to pass on gets a little to heavy to handle. But like I said, the game is fun even the long cinema’s are fun and involving.


Overall, Metal Gear Solid is the best game released for the PS2 ever. Plain and simple. Everyone on Earth owe it to themselves to play this game. Not only was it worthy of its hype, it deserved more. You should buy this game if you have a PS2. You should not by this game if you already have it.

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