Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater


Who can forget the first time of playing through the amazing Metal Gear Solid game for the PlayStation? What a game that was, with its brilliant storyline and great stealth gameplay the game became an instant classic and one of the best games ever made for the console. A few years ago Konami released their second installment of the series, Sons of Liberty, which in my eyes I felt was a very worth sequel, although many complained of the addition of Raiden. Now it’s time for the third installment and this time around we’re going to the jungle. So is Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater all it’s hyped up to be or is this one game that doesn’t make the third time the charm? Read our review to find out!


One of the biggest complaints people have had with the Metal Gear Solid series has been the immense stories that the game have, and how they take a big chunk of the time away from the actual gameplay, to see the development in the storyline. This is by far one of the most story driven games that puts emphasis on beautiful cut scenes and great voice acting. So does Snake Eater take the series to the next level, or should Snake just stick to the more urban areas?

The story behind Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater actually takes place this time during the Cuban missile crisis, where Snake is dropped into a jungle and from there the story takes off. Since the story behind the game is so important to the game I really don’t want to give any of it away, but suffice to say that you will be dropped into the jungle with nothing but a knife, a silenced tranquilizer gun, and a few other minor accessories. And through this you will dive deep into the game’s story, which is by far the most complex of the series. What’s unfortunate about this year’s story is how long the game takes to really get going. I found the first hour or so of dialogue and gameplay to be rather dull and a little bit of a downer for the series, but once you give the game time to get started, the story begins to evolve and you will be reminded of all the great MGS experiences.

The overall story behind the game takes a very similar plot structure to the previous game, which basically means there are more twists and turns than the crooked street in San Francisco. The game just always keeps you very engulfed in the story, which ended up making me stay up all night to not only complete the game but to also find out what happens in the conclusion of the game.

Now of course a great story would be nothing without some stellar gameplay to back it up and that is something that this game still retains. Although the gameplay of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater hasn’t been redefined all that much in the past few years the game stills plays at a pretty high level. Although the game is not as complex as say Splinter Cell, it does still provide a very unique and entertaining view of stealth gameplay. The gameplay at times can feel a little "aged" but what’s really nice about the game is that it takes what it has and makes a very fun experience.

One key aspect that can be found in all Metal Gear Solid games are really great boss battles, and this game is no exception as some bosses require some heavy thinking and strategizing on your part to get through. You may even have to retry a couple of time before being able to beat the bosses and progress further into the game. The boss battles in this game really allow you take part in some very entertaining battles.

One of the more influential changes to the pace of MGS3 is the healing system, which is now really where you are truly fending for yourself. You see in MGS3, Snake has natural healing, where his body recuperates slowly over time, or you can use bandages and other materials to help heal the wound. In order to quickly heal you will have to keep your stamina meter high, and you are going to have to eat! Many of you might think that this seems like a waste of time. But this process is actually quite rewarding, where you will have to go around the jungle hunting little animals, which are plentiful in the games vast environments.

Although the game may not be as revolutionary as it was when it first came out, the game still retains all of its great attributes that once again translated into an excellent gaming experience.


Part of the Metal Gear Solid tradition is the great visuals that have been found in the first two games. Metal Gear Solid in my eyes was one of the best-looking games to hit the Playstation and MGS2 for the PS2. So can MGS3 top it off and make a third great looking game or is Snake just getting to old for this?

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is a game that once again really captures the true glory of the series by creating yet again a great looking game. This time around the game takes place in the jungle, which actually translates quite well on screen. The developers did a great job of creating a very beautiful and realistic jungle atmosphere, which is by far one of the best seen in gaming to date. Snake this time around has once again got a facelift, getting a whole lot more detail and really becoming one of the best looking characters on the PS2. Although the game can be a little sluggish at times it doesn’t seem to struggle all that much.

One of the only problems I really had with the game was the camera, which occasionally worked against you. With all that being said the graphics are still great and do a superb job of keeping on the MGS name.

Fun Factor

When I started playing Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater I was really disappointed but as timed progressed and the story began to flow the game just gradually began to pick up steam until it once again sucked me right in. The game still has a very addictive formula that works quite well with the game. Adding some new elements like the progressive healing and the stamina meter only better the experience and longer the actual length of the game.


Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is without question a great game, which combines great stealth action with a superb storyline and excellent visuals. For any fan of either MGS or MGS2 you need to go out and purchase this game right away, it is just that good.

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