Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriot

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriot


Metal Gear Solid 4 has been without a doubt the most anticipated game on the PS3, and with good reason given the great track record, and ambition behind the title. Arguably the most acclaimed gaming series of all time finally comes to a close, and does so in great fashion. Gameplay is refined, and more open with more weapons and playing styles than ever before. The graphics finally show what the PS3 can do, and features some of the best cutscenes ever. Finally, it has a story that brings together the whole series in a way that exceeded my predictions.

Perhaps the largest amount of the acclaim for the Metal Gear Solid series has been attributed to the amazing work done on the story of the game series, and the final game does not disappoint in any way.

Metal Gear Solid 4 has one of the most powerful stories ever seen in a game, and will entertain all the way through for all that decide to pay attention. The story of is centered mainly around Snake’s deterioration, and the idea that war is running the economy and in turn the world. This is played out perfectly with Snake falling apart before our eyes in a very dramatic way.


Metal Gear Solid has always been famous for its intense stealth action because the series did in fact invent the genre. The gameplay has also been told to turn off some people who were looking for a more run and gun type game. Fortunately for those who were not big stealth-gamers, we get a much more open experience with many of the gameplay flaws from previous games being replaced with great new additions. The game can be played either stealthily or through force, each way being equally challenging and possible.

Bosses have also been one of the biggest drawing forces for the MGS series because of their intense and inventive battles. MGS 4 has some great boss battles but never seems to reach the level of intensity or inventiveness that is expected based on previous titles. They all seem to be quite similar with a couple standing out above the others, but fortunately a bad MGS boss is better than almost everything else out there.

Since MGS 3 Subsistance online play has become a large part of the Metal Gear universe with MGS 4 bringing a all new online game that is similar to the last version but with upgraded graphics and gameplay features. Most of the problems that many had with the PS2 version have been fixed, and what we get this time is a much more refined experience. The biggest issue with MGO is the awful menu system, and the general disregard for the Playstation Network username. To play MGO you must register 2 new names along with the fact that if you want to have more than one character you must purchase it.

The gunplay here borrows from many of the 3rd person shooters out on the market today but also gives the option to play the game in 1st person viewpoint. There is a huge variety of weapons to choose from with a great weapon purchasing service that features many weapons along with attachments and upgrades for them.


Metal Gear Solid 4’s graphics are some of the most stunning and breathtaking ever seen before in a game. The cutscenes are fantastic in all ways along with the regular gameplay looking almost as good. Character models are realistic, along with a great variation of beautiful environments that span the globe. In many ways this is the best looking game of all time, but it is counter acted by the semi-frequent load times, and the aforementioned installs between acts. To say the least I was amazed at how detailed all aspects of the game is which hopefully promotes more games to be as complete and polished as it.

Fun Factor

Many of the problems with the game are severely overwhelmed by the immense greatness that this game exudes. The gameplay is deep, and varied, coming with a great online mode that could rival anything else on the PS3. The game can be played in a variety of ways which improves upon the constricted gameplay of previous installments, and brings the game to a larger audience. Replay value is also a great part of the game given the fact that when you play the game again you keep all of your money from the previous play through. This leads to some great weapons and items from the store that can be purchased along with the ranking system that promotes different playing styles. Trophies would have been great but unfortunately at the time of launch trophies were still a bit of a myth.


Metal Gear Solid 4 is essentially the best game out there on the PS3, and can easily compete with any other game on any system. Fantastic gameplay and visuals along with the one of the most compelling stories out there brings this game to a level that should be commended. Minor problems with load times and installs bring the game down slightly, but don’t prove to be especially irritating. A great online mode complements the fantastic single player mode, and adds more value to the package. It’s a must-buy for any PS3 owner or for any fans of the series in general.