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Mirror's Edge

PC, ReviewsMikeDICE, Mirror's Edge
Mirror's Edge


Mirrors Edge was heavily anticipated around the holiday season, and was regarded fairly well when it came out, and now that we have it for the PC I decided to check it out. The game promised an intense and unique experience, but did it deliver? Read on to find out…


Mirrors Edge’s gameplay is tough to describe, but is definitely different from anything else that I have played in recent memory, and that is exactly what it sets out to do, be different. In many ways the success of this is a great achievement and really sets the game apart from other experiences.

Basically what we get with Mirrors Edge is an intense urban platformer, but what really comes to mind is the free running sequence at the beginning of Casino Royale. When I first saw this, I was blown away, and could not wait until it was translated into a video game. When that didn’t happen in the Bond game I sort of gave up on ever seeing this until Mirrors Edge. Everything about Mirrors edge is so fast, and exciting that I didn’t mind that there wasn’t much variety in the gameplay or lots of gunplay.

The two major things you do in Mirrors Edge is run and jump, and occasionally disarm or shoot someone. This may sound simple, but given the amount of variables and obstacles that come into play I never lost interest at any point of playing. Guns are a very small part of the game but important, because the majority of the time you are going to be shot at, but you do very little shooting back. It’s a game all about the chases and not really about combat, the best way to approach any combat situation is to figure out how to get out of it as soon as possible. This is a refreshing idea given that some games have 10 minute firefights or battles, but here the objective is to get away.


The first thing I thought of when I saw the way Mirrors Edge looked was how stunning it looked. The colors are so vibrant, and the city is so fully realized it was just amazing to look at. The characters all look fantastic and almost photorealistic during gameplay and the anime like cut scenes are great as well.

Color is a very important part of the visual aspect of Mirrors Edge because it tells you where to go, and also represents each of the sides in the game. Red is for the runners or your side, and blue is for the cops or whoever is trying to catch you. The colors are very bright and almost overwhelming, but in the world it works perfectly.

Speed is also represented very well through the visuals because as you leap through the air you almost feel the wind and if you unfortunately fall, it’s a long way down. The lighting is also very well done with each environment having its own sort of lighting if it is outside, inside; or in a sewer it’s all unique and interesting.

Fun Factor

Mirrors Edge is a very fun game. Maybe not at first because it does take a little while to get used to, but once you do it’s really hard to stop playing. The intensity is cranked 90% of the time and it almost never lets up. The story would be right at home in a sci-fi movie and it is really compelling and interesting as it develops. The running never gets boring, and only gets more intense as the game goes on.

This is a game that could have been completely different and not unique with an emphasis on shooting and combat, but it would have made it so much less interesting. The thing about the lack of combat in Mirrors Edge is that you don’t really miss it once you get into the action of running. There is very little wrong with this game, but it can be a little difficult to figure out what to do, and the game is less than forgiving on the jumps.


Mirrors Edge is an intense and intensely enjoyable experience from top to bottom that manages to capture a very interesting gameplay element and perfect it. It features a great story, stunning graphics and great sound. There are very few issues and none really take away from the overall experience in any significant way. In the end Mirrors Edge, is a fantastic game, and a really great addition to any gamers’ library.