MLB 10: The Show


In the last few years Sony has managed to literally take over the baseball gaming genre and completely dominate the market. In the last two years I can say with 100% certainty that Sony has had the far superior baseball product over 2K’s MLB 2K game. MLB 09: The Show was one of the finest sports games to come out in quite some time which left big shoes for MLB 10: The Show to fill. The question now is has Sony rested on its laurels or is MLB 10: The Show continuing to redefine baseball video games? Read our full review to find out!


There is no doubt that the franchise has had its sparkling Road to the Show mode captivate gamers over the last few years and it continues to do just that in MLB 10: The Show adding training in so you can have more control over the development of your player. You also have the ability to play as the catcher and literally call an entire game. The concept and implementation works but it is no where near enjoyable enough for me to play multiple seasons behind the plate. I would imagine most gamers like myself will continue using the starting pitcher given the gaps between starts and the quicker involvement in the action. However I will say that from MLB 09 to 10 the updates to Road to the Show are no where near as groundbreaking as in years past. There is just not a whole lot new in this game that will make you want to reinvest time that you have sunk in doing the same exact thing in past versions.

The gameplay in general is just as smooth and unbelievably realistic as we have seen in past years if not even a little better. Pitching is solid and provides a great challenge, batting is still intense and continues to use the ability to guess the pitch and location. Running the bases has been improved and seems to be a bit more fluid with the experience. The games themselves are just quite impressive, this is the type of experience that if a non-gamer walks in to the room they may look twice to see whether you are playing a video game or watching a live broadcast.

The game is still jam packed with modes including online play which has full support of online leagues. I played a few games online and experienced little to no lag and full games without dropping any which is a huge plus. The online net code seems to be a lot more stable then it was last year which is Sony listening to a lot of the complaints from its users which is a good thing. The game still has an extremely deep franchise mode as well as a new home run derby mode. The new home run derby mode is fun, but nothing we haven’t seen before in other games.

The gameplay in MLB 10: The Show is just no where near as big of an upgrade then in years past. There were many times I was just searching for things that looked or felt different then the last version and it was just few and far between. With this being said the gameplay is still top notch and at a level that no other game has yet to match.


Visually speaking, this is a beautiful game if not even more impressive then last year. I mentioned earlier in my review that a non-gamer may mistake it for a live broadcast of baseball, that literally happened during my review of this game. The animation is the biggest area of improvement which continues to prove to be one of the games finest points especially out in the field which is just incredible. All in all MLB 10: The Show continues to be a treat to view and continues to be one of the best looking sports games on the market.

Fun Factor

Baseball has never been a sport that I consistently want to sit down and watch a game, I love the sport, I played it for many years, but I don’t have the patience every day to watch a full 9 innings. Sony has managed to make an experience that is very similar to the game you would see on TV but make it fun enough to make you want to sit down and play the game for long periods of time. It is that blend of fun and realism that really continues to captivate me with this franchise. Although I wish Road to the Show had seen more dramatic improvements the rest of the experience continues to show why this is one of the best sports games on the market today.


MLB 10 The Show continues to be the best baseball game on the market although the gap is shrinking. This years game doesn’t seem to have the same velocity as last years but what it lacks in velocity it makes up for in finesse. MLB 10: The Show is a great game of baseball and is one that has the staying power to be a game you can continue playing well into the dog days of summer.

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