Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire


At any console launch you expect a number of things, including a standout surprise title that otherwise you would have never thought about picking up, and then those games that just don’t successfully make that leap to the new console either technically speaking or just in the manner of how the game plays. Today we are reviewing our first Playstation 3 game and it is from a series that spent a lot of time on Sony’s previous console trying to work out some evil quirks that held back those games from success. So without any further introduction, today we are checking out Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire for the brand new Playstation 3, and the question is can the Gundam franchise now reap success on the Playstation 3? Read our full review to find out!


For the time that we had the Mobile Suit Gundam games on the Playstation 2, you would think there would be one game that stood out that you would want Crossfire to be most like, but for me I just can’t say that the overall quality of the titles was all that high. Mobile Suit Gundam has had problems making a mainstream Mech title that really could appeal to both an online and offline crowd, thus to say there was one notable game would be tough. So can Crossfire be the beginning of a new reign for the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise on the Playstation 3?

The story is once again set in the same sort of setting we are used to with The Earth Federation and Principality of Zeon, who are two feuding sides who from what the game tells us are fighting for no particular reason. The story in Crossfire takes you on both sides of the story and you really never care a whole heck of a lot either way you look at it. In fact, the story is rail thin and to me it just doesn’t seem like the developers put a lot of time or effort into the story, which does hinder the single player campaign from being as much as it had the potential to be.

There are two modes to choose from in Crossfire, which include both the single player campaign and split screen multiplayer. I am actually just going to throw out the split screen multiplayer, because at this stage of the game with a $600 console that is the Playstation 3 and a $60 game that is Crossfire, you would really expect nothing less than at least some sort of online play. Crossfire just has a pretty bland and uninspired split screen mode that does nothing for the overall gaming experience.

Crossfire’s biggest feature is the single player campaign, and unfortunately things don’t fare all that well here either. The only real innovation to this mode is the fact that the game is very linear, where you are given missions that you can choose to accept or not accept, depending on what it is and if you feel like going after that particular mission. So with this structure comes the wait period of healing of repairs of your mechs, as well as the ability to get new ones as well. The games underlying structure is interesting and inspired, but the overall quality of the single player is actually pretty pathetic. The variety between missions is extremely limited, and the overall objectives in the missions are usually search and destroy and then repeat. Unlike many Mobile Suit titles, the customization options in Crossfire are extremely limited; another thing that you would think the PS3 would have improved the series upon.

The overall gameplay just plays way too much like what we saw on the Playstation 2, and still with many of the same problems. First off, this is a game that carries way too much of a familiar taste that makes this leap to the PS3 one that had more familiar than new. The gameplay still doesn’t have a really satisfying feel and the controls are still somewhat clunky, making the whole experience a bit frustrating as well. For those expecting a new feel to the series, you’re looking at the wrong game.


Visually there is one thing appealing about Crossfire, and that are the Mobile Suit’s themselves, which are heavily detailed and when standing still are extremely impressive especially on an HD set. However once the game starts going in motion you begin to see major problems left and right that really hurt the overall experience of the game. For those looking for something to show off the PS3’s power, Crossfire is not the game, as it has a lot of frame rate issues when things get going, and the overall environments are bland an pretty unimpressive.

Fun Factor

No matter what anyone says and how disappointing Crossfire really is, there still is a certain amount of enjoyment that you get when playing a game that has giant Mechs roaming around large environments. The game would have been helped so much more by online play, as I feel multiplayer is an area in which the series should really begin to focus on as it has the potential to thrive. Crossfire is really not the best game in any category, but there is still some enjoyment especially for fans of the franchise.


At the launch of a console, there are good and bad, and Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire is unfortunately a bad one. This is a game that has some small portions of a next generation content filled in with a whole lot of problems that we saw the series have on the Playstation 2. For those who like the franchise, I would say maybe check it out if you already own a PS3, otherwise you are probably better off with one of the other games already out on the market.

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