Monopoly Party


Monopoly is definitely my favorite board game of all time. It’s a great game to fall back on, when the weather is bad, or if you are just in the mood for a board game, monopoly is always my first choice. Monopoly is really a great board game, but how does it fair on the console?


Monopoly has made its appearance on the consoles before, but never really has captured the glory as it has as a board game. Monopoly Party takes the classic game and allows you to change quite a few different options that can give you some variety in your gameplay.

Monopoly allows you to choose from several options. What I found interesting is how different the rules I was taught for the game were compared to the actual rules. The game does allow you to change almost every single option you would want to change. This allows you to play whatever type of game of monopoly you would like.

The game does allow you to choose different themes. This would be great if the game had licenses of movies, or sports, but instead you get made up boards, which doesn’t really do much for the game.

The game has a "party" mode that really doesn’t mean much difference except for the fact that the game is not turn based, but you go as quickly as possible.

The controls in the game are pretty easy. In fact there is only one button you really need to no. Click the X button, and almost only the X button.


Before I started Monopoly Party I was not expecting a whole heck of a lot. With such low expectations, Monopoly Party really did do a lot better then expected. The different boards are very creative and actually look pretty good. Although this is only a board game so you’re not going to see anything revolutionary, but just good solid graphics.

Ah the sound. All I can say is wow I would have rather heard nothing then something. The sound in the game is just plain irritating. There is nothing good to say about the music. It’s just not easy on the ears.

Fun Factor

Do you like Monopoly? Then you will probably find the game quite fun for a little bit, but there is still nothing like sitting back and playing a game of the actually board game. I found that the first few games were a bit amusing, but after that it just wasn’t anything that I was having much fun with.


This is monopoly on a console. I just don’t think the two mix. The game just doesn’t have enough to it, to make it worthwhile. If you are looking for a monopoly game I would recommend the PC where you will be able to play the game online.

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