Motorcycle games have always been a quite popular genre for all the consoles. There are several variations of the genre, from the dirt bikes, to the mountain bikes, but now we are back on the road with Namco’s Moto GP 3. It’s the third of the series, but does that mean it is going to be any good? Well you will just have to read and find out.


Namco has a very good reputation of making quality titles, and making quality series. Therefore it comes to me as no surprise that the whole Moto GP series from Namco has been pretty successful, but the one thing it has failed to do is be anything spectacular or anything new that is really going to draw people to the series.

There are, like in the previous installments, a nice list of different game modes to choose from. The laundry list of modes include: Arcade, Season, Time Trial, Challenge, Multiplayer, and Legends. Most of these modes are pretty self explanatory but there are some that are quite unique and interesting.

To start with the season mode is the main mode of the game. In this you will join a racing team to compete on the world circuit to try and rack up points. The overall goal of the season mode is to win the championship. This does sound pretty easy and depending on your ability level for racing games will depend on how long and hard this mode is.

The other two modes that struck me as interesting were the challenge mode and the legends. To start with the challenge mode is a variety of difficult challenges that you need to try to complete. The challenges range from beating different times, or beating different racers. This mode actually is quite difficult and can only be completed if you are very talented. The legends mode is quite similar but in this mode you ride against legendary riders.

Probably the biggest part of Moto GP 3 is actually how the games handles. You can play the game in either simulation or arcade styles, but I would have to say that the simulation is what the game was made for. For what the game is as a simulation it works quite well. You will have to learn the ways of the tracks, and learn how to use the riders weight to maneuver throughout the track.

Lets just get one thing straight if you have played the other Moto GP games then you won’t have as long of a learning curve as others who haven’t played the series before. If you do play in the Arcade mode then you will notice that the game gets a lot easier and in some cases and can be a lot more fun.

The one thing a lot of us have found and I have mentioned earlier in the review that Namco never does enough to perfect their games. If you have heard of Moto GP you have probably heard about Moto GP 2 on the Xbox which is not developed by Namco but by THQ. One of the biggest selling points for the game was the online capabilities, which is not present in Namco’s Moto GP 3, which was very disappointing.

The one thing Moto GP 3 does a lot better then its predecessors is that it controls a lot better. The controls handle a lot better then before, because the physics are a lot more responsive, and the controls are very well placed on the controller so you won’t get confused.


Throughout the history of the Moto GP series it has always been a visually impressive game. With all the bikes on the screen simultaneously, you would expect some visual slowdown and even less then decent graphics. Well, the series has always done a good job of it so it was not surprising that Moto GP 3 was also visually stunning.

At first look though if you have played Moto GP 2 then you will notice that the graphics are very similar. There are some slight upgrades that you will notice, like more detail on the bikes, but for the most part aren’t much of an upgrade.

Probably the biggest downside to Moto GP 3 are the tracks. The tracks are all very similar in look. And although they don’t look horrible they just aren’t anything that are going to impress anyone. In fact I wish there were some better weather effects to go along with the tracks.

The soundtrack of Moto GP 3 is not anything that you are going to see Namco brag about, but it’s not all that bad. There isn’t really any music in the background so if you want to listen to music throw a CD in your stereo, because all your hearing in this game is the roaring and for what it is worth the sound effects are impressive and get the job done.

Fun Factor

This is a game that can be seen as extremely fun, or a game that you can never seem to win on. Like I mentioned earlier this isn’t an easy game even on the easiest difficulty level. So it is really hard to score this section of the review, but my personal feelings are that if you like motorcycle games, or even racing games in general, and don’t mind challenge, then you will find this game fun as I did. The season mode does need to be a little longer and there needs to be more customizable options to you bike. But for the most part Moto GP 3 is a fun game.


If you currently an owner of Moto GP 2 and are wondering whether you need to upgrade to the latest of the series. My answer is if you enjoy 2, then you are definitely going to enjoy Moto GP 3 just as much if not more. With some nice upgrades, and good graphics, this is a very good choice for all racing fans.

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