MotoGP 3: Ultimate Racing Technology


To be honest with you all, I never thought a motorcycle racing game such as the MotoGP series would be as popular as it had become over the past few years. The MotoGP series has really been one of the street motorcycle games of choice and really has been an interesting series that seems to be getting better by the year. Well now we are in the third iteration of the series, and could that possibly be the charm? Well you are going to have to read our full review on MotoGP 3: Ultimate Racing Technology for the Xbox to find out!


Considering that the gameplay is undeniably solid, and the visuals are stunning, the series was not without its detractors. One thing that has really turned some people off was its high difficulty level. Make no mistake, the MotoGP series is one of the most challenging and realistic racing title in the market. So does the challenge of MotoGP 3 work for the games favor?

When you first start up MotoGP 3, similar to my first reaction, you are going to find that the game does not seem a whole lot different from what we saw in the previous MotoGP games. We still get the same sort of modes, whether it be just a single race, career mode, or online play it is all alive and well here in MotoGP 3. But the one new mode that has been added to MotoGP 3, and that is the extreme mode, which means you will be going extremely fast. At first I was very surprised that this simulation racer would put this sort of mode in this game, but after a while I realized that this was actually a great idea because as the mode gives it counters the frustrating and exacting nature of the other modes.

The career mode, which was great in MotoGP 2, is even better in MotoGP 3 as the computer AI seems to have gotten even more intelligent since the last version. Here you will find that the AI will not simply let you pass, and really fight to keep their positions on the track. Also the sense of speed that this game gives is really an unreal experience. Although career mode is extremely difficult, it is along with this difficulty comes this urge to never give up. It is the weirdest thing because you get so frustrated with this game and yet this is what drives you to continue playing through the career mode to try and make it to the top.

Like I mentioned just a little while ago, the actual gameplay in the game is actual quite good, with the AI being noticeably better then in the previous game. I was also impressed that although the controls were great in the previous game they were still great in this game. Although they do take some time to get used to, the feel of these controls were really something to be impressed by. I also want to mention that the developers also did a great job of getting more variety into the courses, which unlike the first few games, has much more variety. This helps the overall replay value of the game, and this also just helps you continue to enjoy all of the great racing that this game has to offer.

MotoGP 3 also includes Xbox Live support, which basically is everything from the single player thrown online. The online play for racers to me is still a work in progress, and I feel that the lag of the game really bothers me. Although MotoGP 3 isn’t that bad in this category, I am hoping that we won’t have those lag spots that happen in these racing titles. With that being said I still enjoyed the racing online in MotoGP 3. Although there were some lag issues, it was still a fun mode. If you enjoyed the old MotoGP experiences online, this one am even better with a lot more options, just plan on some lag as well.

The overall gameplay of MotoGP 3 in my opinion was very impressive. I mean, the sense of speed that you get when playing this game is truly intense, which I believe very few games have ever accomplished. I honestly was extremely impressed with all of the little improvements that Climax did to this game to really make it the ultimate motorcycle racing game on the market.


The MotoGP series has always been one of the better looking motorcycle racers on the market, because of just the pure speed that the series has been great at presenting. Let’s just say things have only become better with this game, as it has extremely great sense of speed that although may not at first look overwhelmingly impressive, but as you continue to play this game you will see that the visuals in the game are truly an impressive encounter. Even then the game doesn’t let up, with the graphic engine keeping the framerate steady at all time.

MotoGP 3 also has an overwhelmingly great style that it presents in the game, with great bike and character models to go along with it. My one complaint which I had with MotoGP 2 was that the environments were not as well detailed as I would have liked. Although this game has much better variety in the tracks, there could have been slightly more detail. With that being said, this is still a fantastic looking game that really puts a new high for the motorcycle racing genre.

Fun Factor

Of course like I have mentioned throughout this review, this game can be extremely frustrating, and it is through these frustrating sequences that I found the most joy in playing this game. MotoGP 3 is a game that rewards you for your time and effort and really the more time you put into this game the more fun you have with this game. This is one of the few games that after winning my first race I felt like I had beaten the game or won a super bowl it was just a great feeling. MotoGP 3 is not a game for everyone but simulation racing fans are really going to enjoy this game.


I have to say that I am not a fan of all these sequels that are coming on to the gaming world, but this is one of those games that I really sat back and said wow. This was a much improved racing game that really has added enough to the formula for me to say this is a great purchase. If you have or have not purchased MotoGP 2, it really doesn’t matter because if you are a racing fan I would have to recommend to run out and purchase this game. If simulation racing is not your forte, we would suggest that you rent this game, because it’s a solid racer with gives an entertaining motorcycle racing experience.

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