MTX: Mototrax


One genre that has been getting a lot of attention on the next generation consoles has to be motorcycle games. We just saw THQ release their MX Unleashed for the PS2, how will MTX stack up against that and the rest of the motorcycle gaming market. Stick around and find out through our review if MTX Mototrax is the motorcycle game for you.


With the amount of motorcycle titles out on the market today, it is really hard to really make your mark in this genre. There is only so much you can do with a bike, and so far we have seen a lot of solid entries into this genre, which can give developers plenty of insights to what gamers want in this genre. For my personal opinion, I would like more customization in the career mode, and a solid online mode. Can MTX Mototrax provide me with that perfect gaming experience? The answer is no, but it does give me a pretty darn good one.

When you look at MTX Mototrax you see the normal types of game modes to choose from. You have the single player modes, which include Career Mode, Custom Rider, Track Builder, Exhibition Mode, and a Ghost Mode. The multiplayer portion of this game does include an extensive online mode and also two players split screen capabilities. As you can probably tell the game does include a pretty standard amount of game modes along with the bonus of an online mode, which is something that I truly feel is a necessity for motorcycle games.

Out of all the modes, you will mostly find yourself spending your time in the career mode, where you advance through the game trying to gain money, sponsorships, and making different racing teams. The whole career mode is run off of your PDA in which you will get e-mails that pertain to ways to advance in this mode. Personally I found that the modes structure was great, it got everything accomplished nicely, and has really done a nice job of giving gamers a good amount of replay value.

In MTX Mototrax you have two different styles of riding to play with, which contains supercross and motocross tracks. Now you may be wondering what the difference between the two is, well here it goes. Motocross tracks are the tracks are the ones with a lot more open, which then allows you to gain a lot more speed and show off tricks during the race. The supercross races are the one’s that take place in the stadiums that are much narrower and call for much more precise turning.

Like I mentioned earlier, I truly believe that the Motorcycle gaming genre has to have a solid online mode to even have a chance to be a competitor for the top game. Well MTX Mototrax comes to the track with a very nice online mode. It feels very similar to THUG (Tony Hawk’s Underground) and does a nice job throwing out a solid online mode.

So the game modes are all in place, so how does the gameplay compare to other motorcycle games on the PS2. Well to be quite frank about it, MTX Mototrax doesn’t have that solid feel that we have become accustomed to. When played MTX Mototrax you have a game that just doesn’t seem to have the smooth polished feel that you would want from a great game. When riding along the tracks you will find that the controls are so loose that it just doesn’t feel like it’s neither an arcade nor a simulation title, but somewhere stuck in the middle, and this really doesn’t work to well for MTX Mototrax. I am not saying that MTX plays like a bottom of the line budget title, because the game has its moments, it’s just not up to par with THQ’s recent MX Unleashed.

Overall MTX Mototrax has a great career mode, solid online play, and average gameplay. What does this all add up to; well I would have to say an average playing motorcycle title that shows plenty if signs of being a top notch game, just falls a little short in the execution.


The one point of this review that I will really praise MTX on is their graphics, which were really the highlight of this game. The graphics of MTX Mototrax are quite solid all the way around with great distinct graphics that are really nicely done.

To start with the tracks are by far my favorite portion of the graphics because they have so much detail and the developers did a nice job of mixing it up and not having all the tracks look alike. The riders are also nicely detailed and are very colorful and bright, and are just really nicely done.

Overall the graphics won’t overwhelm you with anything, but you will find that the game does do a nice job of making a good-looking game.

Fun Factor

Well when you think of motorcycle games you normally think that game is going to be quite fun, it would be pretty hard not to be. But when you compare this game to other motorcycle titles on the market, it just isn’t all that fun. The online mode and career mode are solid, but I found myself becoming frustrated that the gameplay didn’t keep up its fair share of the bargain. Therefore I would have to say that MTX Motocross is fun, just not as fun as it could have been.


MTX Mototrax is a pretty average racing title that could have been much, much better but instead failed to get the gameplay down before releasing it. I would have to say unless you have to buy all motorcycle games, just use this one as a rental.

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