Musashi: Samurai Legend


Whenever I get a game from Square-Enix, I can always expect an experience that is different from most other games. I don’t say this to put them higher than any other company out there, it just seems like these guys are known for being very creative. Today we are going to look at the revival of our long awaited samurai Musashi who attempts to make a big splash on the gaming world. Does this hack and slash action game fit the build? Or are we looking at a dull samurai experience? Read our full review to find out!


To be honest I have been reviewing games for a good three to four years now, and I have learned that you really can’t get to excited about a game by its opening cinematic. I mean how many times have I sat on this couch and been awestruck at the opening cinematic and then being brought back down to earth once the actual game begins. Well people, I will admit with Musashi Samurai Legend I once again fell for it. The opening cinematic of Musashi Samurai Legend is just plain gorgeous and really shows off one of the best look anime styles I have seen in the gaming realm. You find out that the game will take place in a city that actually is on the back of a flying whale (who come up with this stuff is beyond me). You get the typical hero sort of story where you try to save the day and of course the princess. And then the cinematic ends and we are left with a game that has so much hype leading up that it just never seems to fully recover.

The game can be classified as an action RPG that has some elements from both genres. Throughout the game you will be trying to upgrade your character, as well as earn new attacks. One thing the game tries to do differently is allow you to acquire special attacks from enemies. This can be done if and when you win at a small mini-game that pops up. This really is an "interesting" idea but in all reality the game doesn’t do a whole lot with it. The game makes this sort of too easy and therefore it kind of gets rid of the "neat" factor that could have been there.

Throughout the game you will also be obtaining better weapons that will help you in battle. This is one of the more entertaining portions of the game because I must say that the developers showed some very distinct creativity with some of the games weapons.

The reason you’re probably feeling a negative vibe so far in this review is because of what I am about to discuss, which is the actual action in the game itself. From the beginning of the game, you would infer that this would be a pretty fast paced adventure. But let me tell you this is far from the case, for one reason or another, the developers decided to make this game rather slow and in the end this really puts a major damper on the game’s overall performance. What this does is really makes the game drag on because you really see the game’s flaws, as of course it would make sense as it is easier to see things when it moves slower.

You can see also that it would have been much more beneficial for the game to have had a faster pace when the camera angles in the game are not all that great. There are many times in the game where things just don’t seem to work out all that well and you won’t be able to see what you’re doing. These sorts of problems are the sort of things that should have been worked out in development stages.

The overall gameplay of Musashi Samurai Legend is just plain disappointing as it just does not capture anywhere near the action the game could have possessed. The game just doesn’t seem to do anything all that good; it’s just too slow and doesn’t have anything all that entertaining to keep you from just turning it off.


One of the more intriguing things we kept hearing about Musashi during its development was its graphics, which was kind of a take on the cel shading technique that many developers have been using. This technique though is called "magna shading" and it is used quite a bit in the game, but is it worth the hype?

Well first off I must say that the "magna shading" is a beautiful technique that I hope is used often in future games, but unfortunately it still just does not stand for much in this game. As you play through Musashi you will find that the game seems to be quite repetitive in the nature of there environments. It honest feels like you are playing in the same place the whole game. The visuals have issues like with the camera which gets in the way more then it’s a benefit to the game, and the action itself just doesn’t correlate into all that beautiful of an experience.

When standing still the game looks beautiful, but once you get going, Musashi Samurai Legend is a game that just leaves a lot to be desired.

Fun Factor

You know when you think about most of the action RPG’s out there you usually find them to be fun as they usually tend to be pretty interesting games. Unfortunately this is not the case with Musashi, as it just doesn’t ever gain any steam, nor does it ever become all that entertaining. The game just moves at too slow of a pace and the action in the game is far too predictable. What makes it even less entertaining is the mere realization that this game could have easily been great.


Musashi Samurai Legend is quite plainly a very disappointing game. The game just never really gets moving and therefore most of us will end up turning it off after a good twenty minutes. If you do however have the patience to go through the entire game will probably feel as though they wasted their time anyways. Unless you "have to" have this game for whatever reason, this is one game that could easily be passed up.

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