MVP Baseball

MVP Baseball


As we quickly approach the all star break in this season of baseball, everything is beginning to tighten up and we are seeing who the true contenders are going to be for this years World Series. But for those of us who can’t afford to go out to the game or sit through a whole game on TV, we know that there are always plenty of options for our own choice of baseball video games. Well now we get to check out the second baseball game for the PSP, and this one is from Electronic Arts. So does it manage to do better then the Yankees? Read our full review to find out!


When we look at the history of sports games for the handheld system, I must say that there have been only very few titles that have impressed me over the years. It has just seemed like an impossible task for any developer to manage to put an interesting sports game on such a small screen, but now with the hardware becoming even more powerful we have seen a lot of movement towards better handheld sports games. So is MVP Baseball one of these break out sports games?

MVP Baseball for the PS2 was really a deep game that had a great minor league system that went along with a great franchise mode. Unfortunately both of these, along with others have not been included in this game for one reason or another. The game is stripped down to some basic options that doesn’t go anywhere near as in-depth as we have seen in the console version.

The game however does have a season mode, and it is in this mode that you are given a sliver of the options that we found in the previous franchise mode. The game does track some of the basic information for you, but if you’re expecting anything like the console version you’re going to be severally disappointed.

But as we all know, it’s more important to have a solid gameplay rather than all the bells and whistles. In this PSP version of MVP Baseball, you are going to find that they really transferred most of what we saw on the console to this version. You still have the pitching meter, and a lot of the other features that we liked in the console version.

The one thing that I found though was that the game was even harder on the PSP, and that was because of the controls. It’s not that the controls were badly placed on the PSP, but rather that they weren’t all that responsive, and that caused for me a little of air swings with the bat. Overall the gameplay is good, but it just isn’t all that exciting with the frustrating controls that makes the game harder then it needs to be. It is a working baseball game but the gameplay definitely has room for improvement for future seasons on the PSP.


Graphically this game is not all that spectacular either, and that is mainly due to the poor looking character models that I thought were some of the worst I had seen on the PSP. I was honestly extremely disappointed with how the game was presented; it looked as though it had been rushed all over the graphical department. The environments were a little bit better than the character models, and the game’s animations were lack luster as well.

I have to say that MVP Baseball has its finer points too, like for example in the cut scenes, we see some very nice replays and things of that nature. But when you put all the good and the bad of the graphics together, it just seems like the bad unfortunately comes out on top.

Fun Factor

MVP Baseball may not be as deep as many of us would hope, but the game still offers a solid baseball series that just needs to get ironed out. The game has its ups and downs but for me I still had fun with this game as it still plays pretty well, once you get used to the somewhat difficult controls. Putting the controls aside, MVP Baseball for the PSP had enough to offer me to let me have fun like a handheld game is meant to do.


MVP Baseball is not a great game, but it is a good game that has a few problems that if ironed out we would really be talking about a great game. Nonetheless if you are a fan of the game of baseball and can deal with some slight issues that this game has then you are going to be able to enjoy MVP Baseball.

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