There have been so many attempts at creating a good motorcycle game. THQ got close with their MX 2002. Now they have decided to take on the challenge again with MX Superfly.


After so many attempts of creating a great motorcycle racing game, I felt of all the latest attempts MX 2002 was the closest to reaching motorcycle greatness. Now with their second attempt, I had extremely high hopes for Superfly. For the most part my high expectations were met, but there is still some room for improvement.

Superfly is packed with fourteen riders and twenty two different tracks. This is some very impressive feature, which should not be overlooked. This is an excellent upgrade from previous motocross games.

By far the best game mode in Superfly is the Career Mode. In the career mode you get to create a rider, and then choose whether you want to take the racing tour, or the freestyle tour. I felt that the racing tour was by far the more enjoyable tour. You start off by racing a few tutorials levels, and you’re off to compete with the big boys. Like most racing games you have to win races to unlock the next one. The first few races are relatively easy, but as you progress through the tour it becomes almost impossible to win some of these races. The gentle learning curve imposed by the game has certainly made it more accessible to beginners to the genre.

Besides the career mode, MX Superfly includes an exhibition mode, freestyle mode, mini-games, track editor, and multiplayer. Superfly really didn’t give us much more to do in the multiplayer department then it’s predecessor, which is quite disappointing as nothing beats playing the game against a few friends. If done well, Supefly could have been a much better game overall.

The controls are extremely easy to get the hang of. If you have played MX 2002 before, then you will have no problems handling Superfly. If you haven’t played MX 2002, there won’t be much of a learning curve either. There controls are very well mapped on the Dual Shock 2 controller, which makes for an easy time getting started.

One of the key to a great extreme sport game is to have a good soundtrack. Well I thought that MX2002 had a pretty good soundtrack to begin with, but I do think that the sound track has improved a small margin from last year. This year the track consists of Hoobastank, Dropkick Murphys, Souls of Mischief, Del the Funky Homosapien, and The Coup.

The actual sound effects them self were very impressive. The sound of the revving engine sounds great, along with all the little sounds that we don’t always recognize, or think about.


Overall the graphics have been improved a great deal. In MX2002, one of my biggest problems with the graphics was how nothing looked clear and sharp. This time around, Superfly has made everything much sharper. All the little jaggies have been cleared up.

The riders look a little sharper and a little more detailed. There is a good amount of improvement for this edition. Overall the graphics were most improved on the courses themselves. The courses are much cleaner and make you want to ride until the days end.

Fun Factor

If you are a fan of the motocross genre, then this is one of those games that will keep you coming back for more. The career mode can also keep you coming back for more. The game is also a lot of fun when racing against your buddies. It really seems like the game comes together when you let it, and the multiplayer mode can really become a lot of fun.


My biggest problem with MX Superfly was there was nothing that really knocked my socks off. Everything was above average, but nothing went over the hump to get to excellent. If you haven’t picked up MX 2002 yet, then I would highly recommend picking up Superfly. For you MX 2002 owners there aren’t enough upgrades to the overall game to really want to go out and buy this one.

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