MX Superfly


Motocross games have been upon us for quite some time now. One of my all time favorites was Excitebike for the Nintendo. From that time on I hadn’t found a game as much fun as that for quite some time. That has all changed with the MX Series from THQ that has proved to be an excellent choice for everyone looking for a good motocross game, and MX Superfly is no exception.


For those of you who have played MX 2002 for the Xbox or PS2 you will find that if you liked that game then you will definitely like this one. MX Superfly takes all the good aspects of MX 2002 and throws away all the bad, to create a really nice looking motocross game.

The game hosts a great variety of game modes to choose from. These modes include Exhibition, Freestyle, Track Editor, Multiplayer, Mini Games, and an excellent Career Mode. Apart from the huge number of game modes, MX Superfly also includes 14 Pro Riders and 22 tracks. Now if that’s not enough to keep you occupied then I don’t know what is.

To start with, the real heart of the game can be found in the career mode. The career mode already was very strong in MX 2002 and has just been upgraded to be even better then before. To start with the career mode you can create a rider by customizing the riders name, number, gear, and bike. The basic object of the career mode is to win races. That is if you get third or better you will advance to the next race. This is a pretty easy task for the first couple of races, but after the first initial races, the difficulty level increases tremendously and the game becomes quite difficult.

The freestyle mode is also quite intriguing, because of some high-flying action fun. You can change the courses and difficulty levels to make this mode quite an interesting mode to come back to.

The one mode that I enjoyed a lot was definitely the mini games. I really thought that mode is quite fun to play with a lot of people. This is an excellent option for big groups of people. There is quite a bit of variety in the modes, so there is a lot of fun to be had in these little games.

In MX Superfly you can also create a track, which is quite cool, but also is quite difficult to create a track that actually works well. Unfortunately you cannot create a regular track but only stunt tracks. Maybe next time THQ can include a full track editor.

So how does the game play compared to MX 2002? Well to be perfectly honest there really isn’t much of a difference. There are a few little tweaks that make the game a little bit more realistic, but for the most part this is very similar to before. Now is this is a bad thing? Well it really depends on your feelings on MX2002. Personally I really enjoyed the Gameplay, because it is fast, but forgiving. This way one mistake won’t kill your chances at placing, like other motorcycle games like a Moto GP.

The controls of MX Superfly are pretty straight-forward. If you have played MX2002 then there will be a very slim learning curve for you. For those of you who have not played MX2002 then it will only take you a very short time to get the controls down.

The sound in Superfly is really just above average in all categories. The sound effects really sound excellent. From the beginning of the race to the end you will be in for some great sound effects capable to be heard in pure 5.1 surround sound.

The soundtrack on the other hand is decent, but I found importing your own soundtrack to be a lot more compelling then listening to the soundtrack provided for you.


For the most part the game takes on the same graphical style of 2002, but does a good job of upgrading all the little odds and ends that really needed to be taken care of. Now riders are much sharper, and tracks are a lot more detailed.

When you do compare MX Superfly to other games on the Xbox, the game doesn’t look overly impressive. Compared to games like Rallisport Challenge, and Moto GP, MX Superfly just doesn’t take full advantage of the Xbox.

Overall this is not a poor looking game by any means, but compared to other racing titles on the market this is definitely not the best.

Fun Factor

MX Superfly is one of those games that if you like motorcycle games then MX Superfly is going to be tons of fun! The game hosts plenty of game modes to keep you occupied for quite some time. There is even the opportunity to download new content when it does come available. Unfortunately there is no Xbox Live support, so your not going to be able to play with fellow gamers online, which is quite disappointing, because this could have been quite a fun online title.


For all of you motorbike enthusiasts this is definitely a title for you to think about picking up. It combines fun gameplay, along with some excellent game modes, to create not only the best motorcycle game on the Xbox but a top racing title for the Xbox as well.

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