MX Unleashed


One genre that really hasn’t been hurting for titles is the motorcycle genre, which has been getting a steady amount of titles being released for the past few years. THQ has had quite a few, all being good, but none of them being great. The gameplay of these titles has always been solid, but none of them have compiled everything together to create the perfect motorcycle title. Can MX Unleashed become that perfect motorcycle title everyone’s looking for, or is this just one that follows the same path as the others? Read on and find out!


When we look back at the earlier titles in the MX series, being MX 2002 and MX Superfly, you see titles that gameplay was good, and graphics were average. There just wasn’t anything totally going for these games to really make it stand out over any other motorcycle title. The past games in the series really were a lot of fun, but if you read back on my reviews there was always something missing to stop it from making it to the top. Now we have MX Unleashed a title that I truly believe shows signs of breaking through and becoming great, but have a few shortcomings that holds it back.

MX Unleashed, similar to other motorcycle titles, have two basic modes in which you can do in the game, you can race and you can go freestyle. The racing portion of the game consists of you racing around large style motocross course (24 indoor courses and 22 outdoor), which is actually quite a lot. The freestyle portion of the game actually moves away from the typical and actually does some things differently. You find a much more structured freestyle mode, that gives you ten objectives to complete per course. This is a much more improved freestyle mode then you would find in the previous MX titles.

There are plenty of modes to choose from the main one being of course the career mode. While we are on the topic of the game modes, probably the most disappointing factor of MX Unleashed is the lack of Xbox Live support. Why they wouldn’t want their motorcycle title not to be online still boggles me, but hey, I guess we just have to deal with it.

The career mode in MX Unleashed is actually quite impressive, and really ties everything together in the game. With the amount of courses to ride on, you get the feeling that you are truly going on an MX career, and things don’t get very repetitive, which is definitely a good thing. As I look at the career modes of all the MX series, they have been progressively getting better and better, and now with MX Unleashed I just see the trend continuing in stunning fashion. I am happy to say that the career mode is very nicely structured and works very nicely. This is not a short career so you will have to put your hours in, if you truly want to get to the top.

So we have heard about what the game is about, now how does it play you might ask, and once again the game comes through very nicely. The game’s physics are really getting very precise and are working really nicely. You can definitely see an improvement from MX Superfly to Unleashed. As you look at the gameplay in MX Unleashed you find a much more stable system that really does a nice job of staying solid throughout all of the aspects of the game.

There is really nothing to complain about with MX Unleashed, but you still get that feeling in the game that there could be more done for the game. Probably the biggest downside of the game has to be the lack of the online mode, which I really think is quite disappointing. Otherwise the multiplayer is solid, and really is quite fun to play on split screen.


When you look at the prior version of the MX series the graphics of the game are not anything to brag over, and in fact are quite ordinary. Now with the new developer (Rainbow Studios) the game starts to look much more like the ATV Offroad Fury series rather then the previous MX titles.

The graphics of MX Unleashed aren’t anything spectacular but they do get the job done in every category. On the not-too-great side we have the environments (courses), which could definitely use some more detail. There hasn’t been enough attention placed towards putting more into each and every course. The upsides to the game’s graphics are found in the riders themselves along with the animation. Everything runs and looks very smooth, with the racing gliding along just like you would expect from a motorcycle game.

Overall the graphics of MX Unleashed are solid, with some work needed in the courses; everything looks pretty good and gets the job done.

Fun Factor

With MX Unleashed you are truly given a title that can keep you occupied for quite some time. Now any game can keep you occupied, is it fun? Well I would have to say Yes, and here is why. With all of the variety in the career mode, and all of the various tracks to choose from, you are given quite a few options to choose from, and this lasts for quite some time. The one downside that I truly think hampers the fun factor is the lack of an online mode, which would have been appreciated.


MX Unleashed improves upon a lot of things that were hampering the previous MX titles, but yet there is still room for improvement. Along with the lack of online capabilities, the graphics could use some work, and there is still some tweaking to do on the gameplay. With that being said if your looking for a new MX title for your Xbox I would highly recommend MX Unleashed.

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