My Street


If you have been paying attention to the games released by Sony they have been doing what they can, to make titles available for their online network adapter. There latest is My Street an interesting game, with an excellent idea. It’s too bad that Idol Minds had a good idea, but didn’t do anything good with it.


Just to get this started I want to just mention a little bit of background on this game. With the online titles out today, we have seen shooters, we have seen Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games to, but what we haven’t seen is anything original or interesting. So it was a pleasant surprise when we saw Idol Minds create a game that was different. My Street is a game thrived on the simplicity of a "street" in which you play a variety of different mini games that you would find kids playing along the streets.

When you start up My Street you have the ability to create a character, you can either choose from a pre made character or you can create your own. The options are very open ended so you can create your very own unique character that can either look very normal, or extremely whacky the choice is yours.

There are three main modes to choose from, these include: Story Mode, Play Mode and Netplay. The story mode would probably be considered the main mode, because in this you will have to complete different tasks to get to play in the mini games. Well in fact the searching for things is what hurts the story mode the most. This is mostly because it isn’t much fun at all trying to find these items, and for all the work it takes to get them, your not rewarded with much by most of the mini games.

The Play Mode on the other hand is what I felt was the most "worthwhile" mode on the game, in this mode you can just stick to the mini games, by wandering the streets looking for kids to play with. When you find a kid you can play the game they want to play. It’s pretty simple and would be effective if the kids weren’t running around all the time. This makes it quite difficult to actually find the kid in which you want to play with.

If you have read my reviews I usually give very nice "kudos" to all games that support online play. It’s nice to know that your network adapter gets some use outside of Socom and Madden, but in this case it just doesn’t seem to work. This is for a few reasons. First off My Street is more or less a "party" game so one of the biggest parts of it is the multiplayer. Well it’s nearly impossible to talk to the people your playing with (no keyboard support) so this means, no smack talking, and well no talking at all. The one positive note is that signing up is a breeze, if you have signed up with any of the other online titles you will find this one a piece of cake.

Well what My Street all comes down to are the "mini games" and in the end that’s where My Street fails to do anything more then average. The games include RC Racing, Lawn Mowers, Chicken Herding, Chemistry, Dodgeball, Marbles, and Volleyball. The sad thing is that the only two of these I actually enjoyed were the Volleyball and the Dodgeball (which was the best), this was because there was some actually fun competition in these modes.

Ah the sound of My Street is nothing you would want to brag about. This is mostly due to the very annoyance of the voice acting. Now we all no that little kids can sometimes not be the most fun to listen to, with their high squealing voices, it can sometimes not be very pleasant. Well this is definitely the case with My Street and which is why I elected to turn the sound on mute.


The graphics of My Street are not anything that is going to impress most people, but in fact doesn’t look very good at all. The whole theme behind My Street is not going for perfection but for a cartoon look. So when looking at My Street at first glance it doesn’t seem as though the graphics are that bad. But as you get playing in the game you will notice that there just isn’t much to the game’s graphics.

The character models are what really show the most wear and tear. If you have played any of the more childish games like the Rugrats series, the characters just don’t seem to be placed together correctly. There are also a lot of jaggies and other annoyances that hold My Street back from looking very good.

The street itself isn’t anything special, but in fact just a pretty average looking street, with nothing in it, to give it any flair. It’s quite sad that this late in the console’s life that they would release a game that still has so many graphical flaws.

Fun Factor

The whole basis behind a game like My Street would for it to be an easy game to pick up and play and just have fun around your friends. Well in fact there are some hints of glory throughout My Street that show signs of it being successful, but for the most part they just aren’t very fun mini games. The games are not done in a fashion that is going to impress people, but instead leave you to wonder how the game could be fun, or how could this game get better. The one game that was a lot of fun though was the dodge ball. That is one game that really kept me interested, and held the fun factor up a bit as well.


My Street in most cases fails to do anything, which will keep anyone interested for a long period of time. The online play is nice to see available but it’s too bad they didn’t do more with it to make it a better online experience. This is not a bad game, but a game that you can easily see could be a lot better.

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