Myst IV: Revelation


If you look at the gaming world you can always see the emergence and demise of various types of games. One was the extremely popular adventure genre. I remember when the Myst series first began and people raved about the game saying it was the future and that this series would last forever. Well Myst is still hanging around and we get to see the forth game in the series, Myst IV Revelation for the Xbox. Does this game help to revive a dying genre? Read our full review to find out!


For those of you who are not familiar with the Myst series, then you have been missing out on easily the best series for point and click adventure games. The series has been known for its real intricate and interesting storylines, that quite frankly are just fun. This game once again keeps the Myst series well and alive with a great storyline that I thought was one of the better ones in the series. But because storylines are such essential elements to an adventure game I don’t want to give anything away but just know you’re in for one great ride.

One thing I think this next generation style gamer is going to find weird or old is the point and click methods of the game. You see Myst takes what really can be considered a classic control scheme for adventure games and uses it for this adventure title. This point and click style is really what essentially makes this adventure title so interesting is because you really have to think things through, and make sure that you have thought of all of the different solutions for whatever problem it is your character is facing.

I think by far the most essential element to any adventure game are the puzzles, which is really where you find what separates the great adventure games from the mediocre ones. In regards to Myst IV’s puzzles, I really think that you get a great assortment of puzzles to complete in the game. At first you will have some extremely simple ones like combinations, and further on into the game you will get much more complex ones that take time, thought, and patience. Speaking of patience, this is one of those games that take a lot of time and therefore if you’re one who likes running through games this is not one for you.

With a game like Myst IV Revelation you will be investing a lot of time, but at the same token the game rewards you greatly with advances in the storyline as well as just the satisfaction of completing some really hard adventures. If you have enjoyed the adventure elements from previous Myst games, then the gameplay in this edition is not going to feel very foreign to you. Myst IV is just a solid playing game, there is nothing overwhelmingly great, but just a solid experience that reminds you of the good old days where the adventure genre was alive and well.


I think the Myst series in general has always been known for beautiful environments, as they really do play a vital part in the game’s overall performance. Myst IV Revelation is no exception to that. The game really just does a tremendous job of making some extremely detailed and beautiful environments that not only seem original but also just fun to view.

When it comes down to it Myst IV has a different sort of style than most other games out there, and for that you got to give Ubisoft credit because the game looks great. There are some noticeable flaws in some of the environments, but to be honest when you look at the game as a whole, I just thought it was a wonderfully stylized game.

Fun Factor

Is there instant gratification from Myst IV Revelation? No. But if you put the time and the effort into this game to really see what this game has to offer, then there is definitely a very nice final reward. The developers did a nice job of creating a very appealing storyline that I think adventure fans will eat right up. And just to reiterate the point that if you really enjoy using your mind and figuring things out this is going to be a real fun game for you.


Did I mention that Myst IV Revelation is only $20? Well with that being said if you are a fan of the series or of the adventure genre then this are definitely worth your hard earned twenty bucks. But if you just don’t want to use your mind any more then you have to then this game is probably not for you. For me I found it quite enjoyable and for twenty bucks it just seems like an extremely good deal.

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