Namco Museum 50th Anniversary Arcade Collection


It seems as though game compilation have been becoming more and more popular in this generation of consoles, as we have seen several companies come out with compilations of some of their "classic games". Today we are going to check out a compilation that have been around for quite sometime, and it is Namco Museum 50th Anniversary for the Nintendo Gamecube. So does this classic compilation of Namco titles make for a must have purchase this holiday season? Read our full review to find out.


There are really two things you need to worry about before purchasing one of these compilation games, and that is – how perfect are the classics ported to the consoles, and are the games themselves worth returning to. And thus is the question for Namco Museum 50th Anniversary, which gives you 14 of some of Namco’s classic games that have made it to this special anniversary edition of the Namco Museum series. So is this compilation worth the twenty dollars? Well first let’s see what games are in the compilation: Pac-Man Ms. Pac-Man Galaga Galaxian Dig Dug Pole Position Pole Position II Rolling Thunder Rally X Bosconian Dragon Spirit Sky Kid Xevious Mappy

When I look at this list the first thing that comes to mind is, haven’t I seen all of these games before? And the truth is when you look at the previous Namco Museums, most, if not all of these games have already been on one of their previous compilations, which is pretty surprising. The games that Namco did choose in my eyes weren’t all that bold, but weren’t anything overly bad either. Of course you have Pac-Man, which is always a safe bet, and Galaxian is always one of my favorites. So when I played some of these games I just have to say that Namco just kind of throw everything together, not making even the menu all that presentable. I mean you would think since most of these games have already been ported onto the consoles with previous games, they could have spent more time working on the menus.

Another problem I had with this compilation was that there really weren’t many extra features to this game. You have the fourteen games and two extras, which aren’t overly exciting. That’s about it. They could have put in something extra in this game to just make it seem as though they worked a little bit on making this game worthwhile. The actual ports of the games involved are good and the variety in games is fine to. The only thing that I can’t get over about Namco Museum 50th Anniversary is that it just doesn’t try to do anything to make this compilation interesting or stand out.


One thing I noticed while playing through Namco Museum 50th Anniversary was that you really don’t get any options on to make the games look better for your TV. In fact, there were a few games that seemed a bit blurry for my taste. Besides that there really wasn’t any graphical problem that weren’t bearable or that really hurt the overall experience. But like I said earlier the menus look really bland, and it honestly just seems like the developers threw all of these games together and just shipped this package out.

Fun Factor

One thing people look forward to in compilations is getting something more then expected from a game. Sure they look forward to reliving memories from their previous experiences, but I know in the end of the day I like to see something more out of these sort of games. Namco Museum 50th Anniversary seems like it just did the bear minimum to get this game out on the market, and that is pretty disappointing if you ask me. The games in the compilation are good, but they don’t really give you anything unique that stands out.


Namco Museum 50th Anniversary is a pretty disappointing compilation, as it really doesn’t have anything that makes it stand out over previous Namco Museum packages. The game has a good list of classics, but none of which are going to surprise people, but instead only those that have not purchased one of these compilations before would be the only ones I would even recommend this for a rental. Otherwise, this game is probably one you can just pass up as it does not have all the makings for a great compilation.

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