Naruto: Ninja Destiny


The Nintendo DS as a platform, has been growing at a rate faster than I think anyone predicted. I was one of the true non-believers in the DS, but it sure has won me over. The platform caters to genres I never thought it would be able to, and gone past where I thought it could with genres that it was suited for. Today we are checking out one of the latest DS titles, another game that I wasn’t sure how it was going to preform on the DS, and that game is Naruto: Ninja Destiny. Does this game take Naruto to a successful, DS outing? Read our full review to find out!


Naruto has had its fair share of poor outings here on the DS, and for that I have always been surprised. Naruto is one of those anime shows that I always thought would be absolute perfect video game fit, and some outings have been good but nothing worth writing home about. Naruto: Ninja Destiny however is the first game that I would consider a worthwhile DS version of Naruto, and here’s why.

What you get with Naruto: Ninja Destiny is a pretty straightforward fighting experience, and that may not sound all that impressive, but when you get into it, you actually get a lot more than just that. The game has a great sense of style, I have always like Naruto games for the style, but this is the first game that brings the style with substance. What I liked most about Naruto was that it didn’t want to go to over the top, it reminded me a lot of the older fighters in the days of the NES and the Super Nintendo, where you had a fighting game with a few special attacks and then some good easy brawling.

Most of the game isn’t played on the touch screen, which is what you would expect in a fighting game, but the use of the touch screen for basically upgrades isn’t bad at all. The only issue I had with the game is that there isn’t lot to do in it. This is a pretty straight forward fighter that uses a simple concept and runs with it. What does that mean for the final product? Well the gameplay is such that it had me coming back for more without having to be overly complex.

This being one of the first 3D fighters for the DS, you can see that this is a genre that is also ripe for potential on the DS. I would say with the great lineup of fighters, the good variety in fighting arenas, and just solid gameplay all around this is still a well above average fighting game, thats replay value comes in the form of trying to master the game and play against friends locally.


As I mentioned before, the style of Naruto fits perfectly for a video game, and it is translated well to the DS. The DS has never been and never will be a graphical powerhouse, but where it lacks in detail, it makes up for in great color and contrast. The game moves extremely well, it’s smooth, has great style, and yet doesn’t let the visuals overtake the gameplay like we have seen in previous games.

Fun Factor

I have to say that most of the time I would like to see more content in a game, but there is enough in this game that really kept me occupied for quite sometime. I think when reviewing a portable game you have to look at it from both a long play time to just picking it up playing a game or two and putting it away, and this game can work easily on both levels. I have to say that this game truly did impress me quite a bit.


If Naruto: Ninja Destiny had more content this would have been an easy 9 for me, but because there isn’t a lot in the game I have to dock it for that. As a fighter on the DS however it makes great strides in the right direction and if you’re a fan of the show or previous games, this is a great game to go check out.

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