NBA Live 07

NBA Live 07


Well, with the football season currently underway, baseball is getting into the post season and that also means it is time to gear up for the upcoming basketball season. We have already began to see video games start to make their way onto store shelves, and one of these is of course from the extremely popular NBA Live series from EA. They’re getting into a more competitive market as of late, with 2K Sports NBA 2K series becoming an increasing competitor. So how does NBA Live 07 fair for the Xbox? Read our full review to find out!


When we reviewed EA’s NHL 07 for the Xbox a few weeks ago, we talked about how EA really didn’t try to do much for their older generation game. When you look at NBA Live 07, you really see the same list of game modes from what we saw on NBA Live 06 for the Xbox last year. You have all the same modes, including Quick Play, Dynasty, All Star Weekend, Season, Playoffs, and of course Xbox Live support. The modes for the most part are exactly what we have seen from the series before, and to say the least not much has changed.

First off, NBA Live 07’s showcases the dynasty mode, which is obviously an extremely important mode for any fan of the series. This to me is the far most important feature, as this is usually where you’re going to spend the bulk of your time. The mode hasn’t changed much from last year’s game, just with some slicker interfaces, and just a more well conceived mode. The mode is still putting you to play game after game, with targeting upcoming draft picks for the off-season. You will also have to monitor your players’ fatigue levels. There is still plenty of room for improvement for the mode but it is well conceived and it works well enough.

The game of basketball was changed a bit for the Live series last year, with the induction of the super star feature. Basically this is giving a few select players through the league the "super star" status, which allows them to have a more superior role in the game in comparison to other players on the court. This feature is still in NBA Live 07, and it still works with pretty good efficiency. The idea seems like something that was a given for any basketball game, but it’s the fact that these stars get to really shine with this game.

The controls for NBA Live 07 use their freestyle control scheme, using the right analog stick to juke and maneuver your player around the court. The controls are extremely easy to use and work really well for the game. The learning curve isn’t overly steep, but to really learn the controls you will have to put some time into getting used to the controls.

The gameplay in NBA Live 07 just isn’t all that different from what we saw in the previous games. The gameplay is extremely solid from start to finish, and you can see that the years that EA has developed for the Xbox has paid off as everything about this game is extremely well rounded. For those hoping that the current generation version of Live wouldn’t get overlooked, I can say that it wasn’t so much so. But at the same time, it wasn’t given any real new features to take this game further then it already was last year.


NBA Live 07 is a game that at one point was just leaps and bounds better looking than any other basketball game on the current consoles. But as the years gone past, EA just hasn’t been able to hold that lead and other basketball games have been able to catch up. NBA Live 07 does look a bit more polished around the edges than what we saw in last year’s game. The game does not have any major changes with a bit more detail in the character models and better stadiums as well. The game still looks good, but unfortunately not much different from last year’s game.

Fun Factor

NBA Live 07 is just an extremely good well rounded game of basketball that has seen the many years on the Xbox pay off to its advantage. The gameplay mechanics are good, with fluid controls, some fun features, and just a decent selection of modes to choose from. The online play is a bit dry, with not a whole lot of options to explore. The dynasty mode meanwhile is good, but nothing new in terms content here. NBA Live 07 is still a lot of fun to sit down and play; I just think it is obvious that more of EA’s time is being placed on their next generation installments.


I have always been impressed with what EA has been able to do with the NBA Live series on the Xbox, but unfortunately it seems the developers have shifted their focus to the next-gen consoles like the Xbox 360 and the upcoming PlayStation 3. If you still haven’t made the move to the next generation of consoles, then you will find a lot to enjoy on NBA Live 07. Just don’t expect a whole lot of new content.

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