NBA Street V3

NBA Street V3


We are already at the mid-way point for the NBA season and already we have seen many in my opinion negative headlines hit our newsreels. This is one of the main reasons why basketball has been losing its flavor for me over the past few years. With that being said I still love the game of basketball and I have always found arcade basketball games to be the best arcade style sport game out there. It of course all started with NBA Jam so many years ago but now the new king has been EA’s NBA Street series, which has dazzled NBA/basketball fans for years now. Now the series has hit its third try at it, so how does it do? Does the game hit the game winning three point shot? Read our full review to find out now!


From the last few version of NBA Street we have seen some great ideas, some in which have worked better than others. The first game was a surprisingly great title that really wowed all of us with its fluid gameplay and its very unique "street/urban" style. The second iteration of the NBA Street series in my opinion wasn’t as great, as in my opinion it didn’t do enough to improve the series in the ways that it could. Now we have met the third iteration of the game one in which took two years of development time to create.

In NBA Street V3 you can definitely see that the developers have been working extra hard on this rendition as it offers up a lot of new features and ideas. First let us go over the basics for those of you who have yet to play a game in the series, this is a three on three game of basketball. This is an arcade style game so you can forget trying to do any fancy formations, and even three point shots are pretty rare. In NBA Street V3 you can of course expect a ton of dunks, alley-oops and plenty of crazy jukes and dribbles. And for the most part NBA Street V3’s core gameplay is pretty much the same, but there have been a whole lot of new things that have been added, and this is what separates V3 from V2.

So what is new you might ask? Well for starters the new Trick Stick is a huge addition to the game. This is the use of the analog stick to make you do tricks while dribbling. The new trick stick really gives you a lot more variety in your jukes, and really just in general brings a lot more variety to the game. The idea may sound intimidating at first but to be honest after five minutes of playing you will ready to trick out Lebron and the rest of the gang. So what is the point for these tricks? Well doing these can be beneficial as they give you trick points which can be combos with a finishing shot. With these points you use them to get a GameBreaker which is a whole lot more points plus a huge dunk.

One problem that the series has had is in its career mode which has been just plain boring. This year it has been much improved giving the variety that the series has needed since the beginning. You start by creating your baller which has more customization then you are most likely going to know what to do with, but never the less you get plenty of options. Then you create your court which is a great feature that allows you to fully customize everything about your court. From there you pick up your team and go in for ten weeks of street balling. What makes this career mode better then before? It’s the mere diversity in the games that really helps this year’s game. No longer will you only be playing to see who gets the most points, but now you will have to do all dunks in a game, or get 250,000 trick points, and things such as these that really add to the diversity of the career mode which made this year so much better.

NBA Street V3 does include Xbox Live support which is to say the least great. I mean I played quite a few games on Live and although I think I lost all but two, it was a really fun experience. I didn’t receive much lag, and the game seems to work really well on there. There is really nothing else to be said about the Xbox Live support except for the fact that it is defiantly a welcome addition to the game.

Another new addition this year is the new dunk contest which is a whole lot of fun. You take your baller and compete against other ballers to see who can perform the best dunks and in the best style. One thing really neat about this mode is the props in which you can place on the court to add to the difficulty and style of your dunk. It’s a simple getaway from the main draw but it’s defiantly a worthwhile one.

Overall we have seen some major upgrades this year to the career mode, the dunk contest, the trick stick, and the very complex court and character creation tools. This game really all of these new idea and makes it all come together into an excellent playing package. I was very impressed with how the developers updated this year’s game.


Of course the NBA Street series has always had an "urban" style to it but similar to the gameplay the graphics in the second iteration just weren’t as stylish or as detailed as they could have been. So does NBA Street V3 come through with this?

I must say that the developers really went for it with V3 and scored very nicely with the graphic upgrades in this year’s game. Of course I must say that the visuals are not perfect but they are a big step above V2. Once again the amount of diversity that you get with the players is so much greater then in the past versions. You get a lot of different looking players which defiantly adds to the appeal to the game. Not only that but the game also does much better with its courts which are now fully customizable and it definitely shows when playing the game.

NBA Street V3 is a game that is not perfect in the visuals as there still are some rough edges in the animation and detail department. But when you talk about achieving there goal of making a good looking urban arcade style basketball game they came, they saw, and they conquered that goal.

Fun Factor

The one thing that has been unanimous about the NBA Street series is that it has been addictive since day one. But on the same token that fun factor just never seemed to last as long as you would hope which falls true with V3 as well. I must say the last few days before I wrote this review I started to grow old of the game. Its one of those games where you see most of what it has to offer in the first week and then it becomes the best game to play when friends come over. With that being said NBA Street V3 is still a very fun game that’s only downside is that the fun just doesn’t roll on forever.


NBA Street V3 is a great game that deserves a lot of credit for going for some big improvements in this year’s game. NBA Street V2 was a game that didn’t show much new, but this is a game that proves to be a worth third title and quite frankly is one of the best arcade basketball games of all time if not the best. The only game that could possibly compete was the original NBA Jam but that’s probably only because it’s the original arcade basketball game. With all of that being said if you are a basketball fan needing sometime away from all the problems of the NBA then you should defiantly go pick up NBA Street V3, it’s an excellent game.

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