NFL Street 2

NFL Street 2


It was already a year ago when we saw the birth of the NFL Street series, which combined a "Blitz" like style gameplay with the same sort of gameplay from EA’s very successful NBA Street series that has become extremely popular in recent time. Last year’s first attempt for NFL Street was mostly a successful one setting up a perfect system for this year’s game. So does NFL Street 2 for the Xbox make the necessary improvements to become a great arcade football game? Read our full review to find out now!


Well over the years that I have been reviewing video games we have seen many games that have been made into sequels, some of which end up falling for the sophomore jinx. In NFL Street 2 we have some prime upgrades especially for the Xbox version, which includes the addition of Xbox Live support. Some other changes have been made to the gameplay but will they be enough to put the NFL Street series over the top?

NFL Street 2, from a solely gameplay standpoint, hasn’t changed as much as some people might have though. Besides a few minor changes and the addition of being able to ride the walls, the game still plays for the most part identical to the original. This means players of the original will easily be able to pick up and play this one.

For those of you who did not get the chance to pick up the original NFL Street, the game consist of 7 on 7 game with a pretty basic playbook. On the offensive side of the ball you get to choose from the run plays, pass plays, and trick plays. On the defensive side of the ball you have the short run, short pass, and long pass plays to choose from. This may on paper not sound like a whole lot, but for an arcade style game it doesn’t really hinder the overall game all that much.

One of the keys to the success of last year’s iteration was the gamebreaker, which has been changed up a bit this year. Now instead of just having the basic gamebreaker you have that along with the Gamebreaker 2, which rewards you for stowing away your gamebreaker points and making them into a gamebreaker 2. A gamebreaker 2 throws you straight to a cut scene which then shows your player do a crazy maneuver. This idea sounds like a pretty reasonable concept but for the most part I never saw the real meaning of saving up for it as the Gamebreaker itself usually sets up for an easy score or stop as it is. The idea is right but the execution of the new gamebreaker just doesn’t go in the best way possible for the game. I think they should have lower the value of the gamebreker to make the Gamebreaker 2 become much more valuable.

There is a new mode in NFL Street 2 called "Own the City", which basically entails you starting at the bottom trying to work your way up to the top by owning all of the different cities in the game. You see how this game works is that you create a player and then go around to different cities in the game and try to complete specific challenges that they have for you. The mode works well, but not all that great as things can become quite repetitive after a while. Not only that, but playing against these randomly generated characters isn’t all that exciting.

On the positive side though the Xbox Live support in the game comes through in spectacular fashion. This is one of those games that you seriously would much rather play against real people rather then the computer, and thus the Xbox Live support works really well. From my experiences online, Lag hasn’t been a very big problem only occurring at brief intervals. Overall the compeitition online really makes the online play a huge addition for the Xbox version.

With less then a year of development there is no way you couldn’t feel a little rush in this game as there really isn’t a whole lot of "new" in the game. For the most part it’s the same playing game as last year with a few upgrades, which makes NFL Street 2 feel more like NFL Street 1.5.


The original NFL Street consisted of pretty bulky looking football players that carried a very urban look to them that matched the style of their similarly-themed NBA Street series. The look did well for the game but I still think the developers had more work to be done to perfect the game’s graphical engine.

This time around similar to the gameplay there really hasn’t been a whole lot of changes in the last eleven months. You can see some minor upgrades to the character models and environments but nothing overly new will be found in this game. The game still doesn’t have the best-looking character models, and it still needs a few more steps to make it over the top.

It’s hard with such a short time period we should be expecting the world from this game, but with that being said I still expected more upgrades to the game’s visuals.

Fun Factor

The one and only thing in the game that hasn’t changed is the fun factor, which thankfully is still alive and well in NFL Street 2. With the addition of the Xbox Live support alongside the same fast paced fun gameplay of NFL Street 2 you have a game that makes for one of the best sports multiplayer games on the market today. If you like the big hits in football or just like the football in general trust me you will have fun with NFL Street 2.


It’s unfortunate that the game only had eleven months of development time, because it really had the ability to be a great game. Although NFL Street 2 may not be all that much different from the original, for those of you who have yet to jump on the band wagon or are looking for the Xbox Live support, NFL Street 2 will be a good purchase for you.

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