NHL 2001

NHL 2001


The year 2001 has come. The world is nothing but a frozen block of ice. Gangs rule the streets, and the only way to save the people is to play the gangs at their own game hockey. You must train for grueling no-holds barred hockey. Can you do it? Probably not, because I just made it up. Sorry...NHL 2001 is a sports game and has no story or storyline. Thank God.


This is the most customizable gameplay ever. I mean no matter what type of gameplay you like, you’re sure to find one style you like. If you’re into realistic, slow and boring gameplay, you can have it. Or if you like fast-paced, heart pounding puck action, you can have it. There’s something for everyone here. In NHL 2001, the gameplay itself is your every day hockey. Hold the shoot button longer to build power. You know, your standard but fun gameplay.


The NHL has never looked better. The ice is fantastic, the skates are amazing and the couches are actually there. The game does have aliasing issues, but none too great to bring down the superb graphics. The characters faces are so realistic, they will scare you every now and then. You can really actually see the groves on the puck, which is amazing in its own right. I can honestly say NHL 2001 is the best looking hockey game ever, and that’s not hype.

Fun Factor

NHL 2001 is lots of fun. The gameplay is customizable that it easily adds a great amount of replay value to the game, and the secret codes and passwords also add a lot more fun to an already fun game.


Overall NHL 2001 is the most visually impressive hockey game ever to be released, and is also one of the most customizable hockey games ever. But other than that, this game is pretty much just like most other hockey games. The real breakthrough here is the graphics. You should buy this game if you like hockey, sports or eye candy. You should, however, not buy this game if you hate hockey or don’t like the simple gameplay this game offers.