Ninja Gaiden Black

Ninja Gaiden Black


It’s a well known fact that almost everyone is intrigued by the masters of stealth, the ninjas. This would explain how ordinary actioners like the Tenchu series garnered so much interest from gamers. Well today we are checking out a game that is based off the extremely popular Ninja Gaiden game, which got a perfect score of ten out of ten when I first reviewed it. So will Ninja Gaiden Black be the same story? Read our full review to find out!


Let me just take a second and talk about what Ninja Gaiden is, before I jump into what this new Ninja Gaiden Black is all about. Ninja Gaiden features a non-stop action adventure that takes place in several environments, and quite simply just gives the most radical and fluid ninja fighting style that really has ever been accomplished in a video game. The game was also considered one of the most difficult games of 2004, and that was understandable because you’ll be seeing that "game over" screen more than anything else. And finally, on par with the insanely high difficulty level, the gameplay is equally fluid and sounds absolutely fantastic too. So why come out with another game?

Well actually Ninja Gaiden Black is more of an expansion rather than a full-on sequel. Black fixes some of the very minor issues that were in the first game, which let me just state, were not many. The only issue that I had with the game was the camera, which sometimes gets stuck at uncomfortable angles. So Ninja Gaiden Black fixes some of these problems and somewhat lowers the difficulty level, making it accessible to casual gamers. But the biggest draw for the game is the new mission mode, which takes what is best about Ninja Gaiden and makes it into a whole new experience.

Basically the mission mode is all about action, and thus you have to just basically slaughter everyone that comes near you. This is not only a fun experience, but it may actually be more fun then the actual game, because now you bypass all of the real difficulty of the story mode and just get straight into the pure action of the game. The mode has quite a few different missions to go through, and let me once again just say that this takes what is best about Ninja Gaiden and really showcased them in this new mode.

The other bonus for those few that managed complete the game in the hard difficulty setting is the arcade classic version of Ninja Gaiden. While this version is nowhere near as good as the NES version, is still a blast to play and see how far we have come in such short time. Having this addition along with all of the improvements is quite a task that Team Ninja put together. You have to just give them the pat on the back because they did a fantastic job with this game, and improved an already amazing game.


The visuals of Ninja Gaiden were some of the best that have ever made their way onto the console. Now Team Ninja has come back and done even better with the visuals this time around by improving the camera, which helps the game look even better. Let me just say that this is not an easy thing to do, especially with this original already being as amazing looking as it is.

Fun Factor

While some casual gamer may have been turned off by the high difficulty level of Ninja Gaiden Black, the game rewards perseverance and skill with a consistently fluid gameplay and jaw-dropping visuals. Black becomes more and more enjoyable as you continue to play, and the developers really just make every moment of the game unique. The new mission mode in the game also is a fantastic way to spend some time, and in the end I just felt like the developers improved enough to make things even more enjoyable and even more worthwhile this time around.


Ninja Gaiden Black was actually a surprise to me as I didn’t expect Team Ninja would be able to refine the game and add some depth to it as well. For those who enjoyed Ninja Gaiden and want more Ninja action that has been improved with some new missions, then this is a great purchase for you. And for the ridiculously cheap price of $29.99, you’re not going to find a better game for the money.

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