The music has begun blaring on all three of the major consoles, and there is no doubt that a trend has begun to a great degree towards these sorts of games. With games like Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Karaoke Revolution, and Singstar, music games have become the major fad in the gaming industry. THQ to compliment this growing sector of the industry has come out with there very own Nintendo Wii exclusive that hopes to capitalize on this growing genre with Battle of the Bands. Does Battle of the Bands have what it takes to become a force in the music genre? Read our full review to find out!


If you haven’t heard Wii software sales are nothing to write home about, although the Nintendo Wii is a hot selling console, the games for it haven’t been all that red hot in terms of sales. So with a lot of publishers and developers still trying to have there hand at the Wii I was interested to see how a game like Battle of the Bands would do on the Wii. So lets check out Battle of the Bands for the Wii and see how it did.

So Battle of the Bands has 30 total songs to choose from, all of which have 5 different versions. The five versions are because at the beginning of the game, you have the choice of 5 different bands which represent 5 different genres of music. I think they would have been far better off sticking to just one style of music with more songs. The songs that consist of library of half hearted hits, and other songs that you probably have never heard of. The five versions of the songs are interesting, but a good deal of these songs really don’t hold up all that well in the other versions.

So there are no extra peripherals needed to play Battle of the Bands, which I first thought was kind of an interesting and even a smart choice to cut costs for gamers. So like many other rhythm games your goal is to hit the right notes at the subsequent times. Now you flick the remote certain directions in order to hit the notes. The accuracy of this isn’t 100% perfect, there are times that your motions aren’t hit perfectly because of problems with detection.

The other big feature that I have yet to discuss is the weapons that you can use through the game. Why are there weapons? I have no idea, but you can charge up these attacks by hitting consecutive notes and then attack your opponents. The implementation of this is absolutely ridiculous, the game would have been much better without any of these “weapons” that really feel misplaced and misguided and add nothing to the experience.

The real problem of Battle of the Bands is that the use of the remote as a instrument is missing the point of music games. With games like Singstar holding the microphone and  belting it gives you the feeling like your a world class singer. The same thing can be said about Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and that the use of these plastic instruments actually really make you feel like part of the experience where Battle of Bands doesn’t. Not only does the use of the Wii Remote take away from the experience but the progression in the the game doesn’t make you want to continue through either.


We all know that the Nintendo Wii doesn’t have the capabilities like the Xbox 360 and PS3, but it seems like a lot of the Wii titles aren’t even doing that great for Wii titles. Battle of the Bands is an extremely bland Wii title, where you would hope for a great deal of style with 5 different styles of music you instead get a much more bland and stereotypical approach to the genres anyways and it really just doesn’t add anything to the experience.

Fun Factor

I would say that more then anything this game really needed more time to find its way, because the final product just seemed like a group of ideas thrown together without a semblance of reason or coordination. This really does hamper in on the enjoyment of the experience and although some of the ideas are a bit out there, there still could have been an experience to be had here. As much as I tried to get into Battle of the Bands the game just had none of its own original flare to keep me interested.


This is yet another Nintendo Wii title that had potential to use the Wii capabilities to its fullest but didn’t get anywhere close in terms of execution. As much as Battle of the Bands could have been, it ends up being a game that takes good ideas from other games, adds the very odd weapons, and gives a lackluster performance.

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