The Nintendo Wii has so far has had some truly remarkable titles and a whole lot of forgettable ones. What has separated the truly remarkable titles from the truly forgettable? One word, integration. The games that you remember are the games that are able to integrate the basic concepts of a game into the new control scheme of the Wii, those that haven’t worked are the ones that have "half done" this integration concept and have fallen flat because of it. Today we are looking at the latest entry into the Bomberman world which hopes to take its 40+ mini games into the elite Wii category. Does Bomberman Land have what it takes? Read our full review to find out.


I have heard it said that it would be a lot easier to make a compilation rather than one original game. However when you think of what a compilation of over 40 games means, is that you have to have people not only just enjoy one concept, but 40+ of them, and to get people on board for something like that is actually in my opinion, an even more challenging endeavor. However if there ever was a platform that would open up its world to compilation titles, it has been the Nintendo Wii.

So how does Bomberman Land take on this daunting task of creating 40+ Bomberman style mini-games? For those interested in the backstory for the game, you play as White, who wants to win the Bomberman Land Tournament. The game is broken down into various lands, which then have a compilation of mini games associated with them. All this lays the groundwork for the slew of mini-games you will be going through.

So let’s get into the game, which really is a tough thing to review with there being such a large amount of games to play. So instead I am going to generalize the entire experience to save on time and to give you an easier verdict to understand. In terms of the mini games I encountered I would classify them as good to moderate, with none of them necessarily being terrible. Some of the mini games are using the Wii capabilities and some don’t.

The game of course keeps a lot of remnants of past Bomberman titles giving us a nice battle mode that will of course please past fans happy. However in the end, I just didn’t get that overwhelming excitement by any of the mini games. Some are interesting, some I didn’t want to play again, and most of them were just right down the center in terms of enjoyment. The production of the game is pretty impressive, it is well organized, nicely designed, but there was nothing about the experience that made you sit back and just say "wow".


Visually I have to say that Hudson Soft did kind of dropped the ball a bit, I mean where are is the great palette of Bomberman colors. A lot of the mini games are just not that great to look at, and in terms of detail it seems as though the developers kind of skipped over that end of the deal. In the end however, Bomberman Land just really doesn’t seem like it thinks the visuals are a big deal at all, and it shows throughout the experience.

Fun Factor

I have to say that although there was a few games that I just couldn’t wait to get past, a lot of what you find in Bomberman Land is actually pretty good. There were some interesting designs, some nice uses of the Wii controls, and an overall pretty good design elements that really made for a good overall experience. I would like to say that the developers did a good job of implementing a solid amount of variety and Wii integration that did make the experience quite a bit enjoyable.


I have to say that Bomberman Land for the Wii actually did a lot to impress me. I would warn that visually it’s a pretty lackluster experience. But in terms of the 40+ mini-games, the experience is actually a pretty tight package. If you like Bomberman, there is no reason not to check this game out, it’s a perfect weekend rental.

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